Monday, April 10, 2017

The Official End

I find it interesting that this blog was all but abandoned by me a few years back. It is finally time that I call it quits now. My wife, Mindi and I have officially split, and my life has started anew. I will leave this blog on the interwebs so that hopefully someone will be able to enjoy some of the craftiness I have shared in the pas. For now, I say bye bye to my old life, and a very welcome hello to the new!

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  1. Hi Lynn. I know you aren't blogging anymore but i thought I'd reach out anyway. Turns out me and my partner used the same donor 2452 as you did with Harris. I double checked on the bank website and sure enough its him. Anyhoo, if you ever want to reach out to us, send us an email Your Harris and my Hayden are half brothers. Take care of yourself.


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