Monday, January 16, 2012


On the potty at Disney's Magic Kingdom

I don't mean to gloat here folks, but I have to let it out somewhere, no? I am so proud. You have no idea what a proud mama I am. Stella turned 2 on December 4th, making her about 25.5 months right now. I had it in my mind that I wanted to work on the potty training thing no later than 24 months. Harris, after all, much to our surprise, had decided that he wanted to be potty trained when 23 months rolled around, and he became a big brother. I hadn't seen that coming, that was for sure. With Harris, we worked on daytime training for about 2-3 months, and then nighttime training for about 3 months after that. When it came time for the night training, we would encourage him to pee before he went to bed, and then we would get him up at 11pm and 3am as well to pee. If we didn't he would wet the bed. We continued that path and eventually switched it to just 1 wake up, and then none, and so on. I figured Stella's experience would potentially be similar, if not a smidge easier since I always hear of girls being easier to potty train. We whipped out the potty and encouraged her to use it. It took a few weeks for us to convince her that this whole potty training thing was her idea (that seems to be the best route for her) but once she decided that she was into it, she took off. Visualising the timeline in my head now... We introduced the potty as a serious option to her right around her birthday, Dec. 4. 2 weeks later, on the 18th, she switched to panties during the day. 5 days later, we hopped on a long flight to Orlando to go to Disney. The whole week she only wore underwear (or nothing but a skirt) during the day and a diaper at night. As soon as we got home, right before new years, she started refusing her night time diaper. She wouldn't even honor a Pull-Up. So, we took the chance, being only 2-3 weeks into serious potty training to let her go bottomless in the bed. maybe 3 accidents and 2 weeks later, she is sleeping through the night without wake ups, and keeping her bed dry. Well I'll be dag nabbed! Go ahead folks, tell me how proud you are of me her! heheheee...


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