Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Well... Hello!

Yes, she lives.

I have been gone for so long, I had almost forgotten about this blog. Yes, I have to admit, my brain has been so preoccupied with other things that my meager little blog escaped me. For 7 whole months. Yikes.

I received a few comments from some faithful readers of Family Style Love, the latest being from SisterSister (thank you thank you) letting me know that I was not forgotten, and you have no idea how much that means to me. Sometimes, in the world of blogging, a blog can go stagnant and forgotten and blow away like a tumbleweed. It almost seems as though the writer behind it must have done the same, but no. In reality, they may be leading a very interesting life- one simply unshared via their blog. I would like to think that I am one of those folks with an interesting life. Being that I am just now returning.

I feel big. Big, as in all grown up. I have made a lot of changes within myself over the last 7 months. Changes relating to myself, friends, my partner, and kids. Not all good but mostly awesome. I started a weight loss protocol back in November- you may recall this post talking about it. I started the HCG Protocol, created by Dr. Simeons in the 1950's. This is obviously not a weight loss blog, and so I am not going to start ranting and raving about how awesome this weight loss protocol is, but if you have ever desired to lose weight and are struggling to do so, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROTOCOL. Yes, I wrote that in all obnoxious capital letters to let you know that I am SERIOUS abut the awesomeness of this protocol. If you are interested in learning about it, the first thing you need to do is download the manuscript that explains the protocol. It is about 40 pages long, and free. To make it too easy for you- here is a link: Pounds & Inches by Dr. Simeons. NO EXCUSES PEOPLE (Both men and women do this protocol!!)

I am going to take a step back from the diet protocol and just give you the quick down low. I went from 168 lbs to 131 pounds over the course of 7 months. That was a pretty sweet loss.

So where have I been really? Well... I have been cheating on you blogland.... with whom you ask? YouTube... GASP! There, I said it- I admit it- I am cheating on blogger with YouTube! After I started the protocol, I started vlogging about it on YouTube- yes, you read that right- Vlogging. Video logging. I found an awesome community of women there that were doing the same protocol I was. Soooooo I put a lot of my time there, and still do. If you are interested in seeing what I have been up to, feel free to check out my YouTube channel- by clicking here.

So what have I been up to besides the weight loss? Moving. Yes, moving. "But didn't you own a cute little house in Seattle? The one with the cute little Gallery Wall? I sure did. Buuuut in March 2012, I started complaining about the weather, and my partner started complaining about work issues, and my Mother in Law started complaining about how ridiculously far away Seattle was from Miami, and well, we all made the decision that we should not be living on the west coast, but rather the East Coast! So, that is what we did. We MOVED.- In fact, the movers are coming tomorrow with our boxes after 2 months of living in corporate housing......

To be Continued....

If you still read my blog, please, let me know. I question whether or not I should keep this blog going, and I feel it is up to my readers. If you ended up getting this far, just leave a comment saying, at the very least "I read it" and it would TOTALLY make my day!

Monday, January 16, 2012


On the potty at Disney's Magic Kingdom

I don't mean to gloat here folks, but I have to let it out somewhere, no? I am so proud. You have no idea what a proud mama I am. Stella turned 2 on December 4th, making her about 25.5 months right now. I had it in my mind that I wanted to work on the potty training thing no later than 24 months. Harris, after all, much to our surprise, had decided that he wanted to be potty trained when 23 months rolled around, and he became a big brother. I hadn't seen that coming, that was for sure. With Harris, we worked on daytime training for about 2-3 months, and then nighttime training for about 3 months after that. When it came time for the night training, we would encourage him to pee before he went to bed, and then we would get him up at 11pm and 3am as well to pee. If we didn't he would wet the bed. We continued that path and eventually switched it to just 1 wake up, and then none, and so on. I figured Stella's experience would potentially be similar, if not a smidge easier since I always hear of girls being easier to potty train. We whipped out the potty and encouraged her to use it. It took a few weeks for us to convince her that this whole potty training thing was her idea (that seems to be the best route for her) but once she decided that she was into it, she took off. Visualising the timeline in my head now... We introduced the potty as a serious option to her right around her birthday, Dec. 4. 2 weeks later, on the 18th, she switched to panties during the day. 5 days later, we hopped on a long flight to Orlando to go to Disney. The whole week she only wore underwear (or nothing but a skirt) during the day and a diaper at night. As soon as we got home, right before new years, she started refusing her night time diaper. She wouldn't even honor a Pull-Up. So, we took the chance, being only 2-3 weeks into serious potty training to let her go bottomless in the bed. maybe 3 accidents and 2 weeks later, she is sleeping through the night without wake ups, and keeping her bed dry. Well I'll be dag nabbed! Go ahead folks, tell me how proud you are of me her! heheheee...


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