Monday, November 7, 2011

To Vlog or not to Vlog

...That is the question!!! What say you oh wise readers? Do you like it when people vlog? Does it annoy you? Would you rather read their text or see their face? I suppose it may also depend on the content of the vlog...

Any opinons? Do you think that vlogging is for people that like to look at themselves on camera? Heh heh!


  1. Im not a vlog fan, but it would be nice to see your smiling face! Hey, that is what skype dates are for though ;)

  2. Vlog! Yes! Do it! I'd love it!!!!EXCLAMATION POINT!

    I think it's a fun opportunity to put your real voice with your words and I like that.

    I went through a vlog phase for a bit. I think it can easily get tired, but one now and then is awesome!

  3. I'm starting to vlog and feel like a complete weirdo doing it but it is SO FUN! VLOG!!! :)

  4. I'm personally not a vlog fan - but them I'm really low tech, I JUST started texting last week for heavens sake! The written word is my preferred medium - but hey if vlogging is for you then go for it!


  5. I just came upon your blog today so not sure my opinion counts :-)

    I think a vlog every now and then is a good way to mix it up and let your readers get to know you, hear your voice, see your mannerisms and get a feel for you.

  6. I think I like vlogging as long as it's kind of short ( a couple minutes max). If it is longer I start losing interest. I've tried it when I didn't have time to write an actual post when participating in a weekly blogging prompt. For the most part I like reading blogs.

    btw...I love yours :) been around for a while but just never commented ( I think?)

  7. I'm not a big fun of vlogging. Blogging ends by writing when you done reading and writing you are done. Vlogging on the other hand never end just talking – you need to care how you look in front of the camera, what you say, how you say it… To complicate


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