Friday, November 25, 2011

Unexpected home Improvement

Mindi has a home office on the lower level of our split level house. She spends gobs and gobs of hours in said room, yet after living here for over 2 years, we had done ZERO work on it to make it our own. Ok, maybe zero is an exageration- we did mount a tv on the wall, as well as declare war on a spontaneous ant colony, but still... other than that, we were living with nasty stained up carpeting, pukey walls that needed some tlc, and a total lack of character. We decided that it was time to make Mindi's office dreams come true, and so we started formulating a plan. We have a teeny tiny budget to work with, despite the fact that the room needs so much work. We decided that we would remove the gross carpet and paint the concrete floor a shiny white. I have been seeing this trend all over, and I thought it would be cool in the room. Mindi liked the idea and we agreed that we would add some throw rugs for warmth- badabing. I went to Home Depot this morning to pick up the floor paint and some scrapers to remove the adhesive that was on the padding. I am going to fast forward just a bit here, and say that about an hour later, after much deliberation, I was driving home with 20 feet of carpet partially sticking out of my trunk...

Install carpet on our own???


What happened to our budget???

Total for Super on sale carpet (20 feet worth?) $170 including tax!

Damn- we were going to spend more money than that on 2 big rugs! So, we plopped the kids down in front of a movie (or 3) and got to work removing the old and installing the new! This was completely not in the original plan, and typically, it takes me 10 years to decide on something as simple as a wall color- and here we were, pulling all the furniture out of the room and installing carpet (which we have never done before)- and you know what? We couldn't be happier! Despite the sheer size of our room (12ft x 19ft) it was a very straight-forward process, and the results are spectacular! We are taking a trip to IKEA on Sunday to pick up some furniture for the office, so I will check back with some pics after that is all put together!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

For you, my readers

Thanks to you guys that commented on whether or not you enjoy watching vlogs. I have to agree with what most of you said- every now and again is ok, but I also really enjoy the act of reading written words. For this post, I will do both, but I am not writing what is in the video, so the video is like a bonus :).

Honestly, I wasn;t even sure if I was going to tell my blog readership about my latest venture. I suppose it is because I am slightly embarresed. It is about weight loss. Big time weight loss. As in... Holy crap, I can't believe I let myself get so fat, and I have no choice but to do somethign about it type of weight loss. I have done a lot of diets in my life. Atkins, South Beach (a few times), Medifast, Nutrisystem (a few times). Most of them worked, but they worked for about 10 pounds, and then, like a slingshot, I went back up and then some (sound familiar to anyone?) I was getting desperate. It is so frustrating to try sooooo hard for sooooo long, only to have the weight come off sloooooowly. After 7 pounds or so, I typically get frustrated and start cheating on my diet. After that happens, boy, look out! I am always sure I "make up for lost time..." if you know what I am saying.

I downloaded the app for to my phone. (it is awesome on so many levels, bit the app and the website). It helps you track your foods, calories, and exercise, along with allowing you to (accurately) scan the bar code of almost every food imaginable to make it easier on you. I was on the tail end of a round of Nutrisystem in October, and had lost about 5 pounds. It was nice, but Nutrisystem is not cheap, and the weight, while coming off, was moving slooooowly. I needed a new plan. I needed a bunch of this weight gone to help me feel motivated enough to keep going on my own. I found the HCG Diet. Now, you may have heard of the HCG Diet, you may not have. I did a lot of research on it and decided to give it a try. It is not really a system that you go out and buy from 1 place, but if you actually want to know about it, feel free to comment, and I will tell you about my experience. All in all, however, I am thrilled with it. I started the diet on Halloween (yup- you read that right- no candy!) and I am down 12 pounds and 23" on this, my 18th day. WOW. Like WOWOWOWOW. I am impressed! Looking forward, I have a plan for my continued weight loss, and man am I jazzed about it!

So, here comes my vlog. It is regarding the HCG diet, and I think it accurately depicts my personality, for those of you that are curious! It was recorded yesterday :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

To Vlog or not to Vlog

...That is the question!!! What say you oh wise readers? Do you like it when people vlog? Does it annoy you? Would you rather read their text or see their face? I suppose it may also depend on the content of the vlog...

Any opinons? Do you think that vlogging is for people that like to look at themselves on camera? Heh heh!


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