Friday, October 21, 2011

Preschool Politics

Sooooo, Harris and Stella's birthdays are both coming up in December. I would like to have 1 party for the 2 of them together. I am inviting long-time friends, but I would also like to invite some of Harris' preschool friends. The thing with that, however, is that if you invite some, you have to invite all, but my house is only so big, and I am not sure that I can handle 19 children AND their parents in my house at one time. I would offer it as  a "drop off" party, where parents could literally drop their kids off at the party, but then I am looking at a situation of babysitting 10 kids, while trying to be a good hostess, and paying special attention to my 2 most important guests. So what is a mom to do? I could deliver invites by hand or email to certain families, but I know that the kids at school- mine or otherwise will start talking about the party as it gets closer, which may lead to hurt feelings of kids and other moms alike. So, what is a preschool mom to do? I am really not interested in having the party outside of my home. How would you handle this??


  1. I know a number of families who invite the same number of children to a party as equal the new be of the birthday child-so a child turning three can have thee friends over, a child turning 9 can have 9 friends, etc. if other parents use that system, you could invite only a few that way-or you could start a new trend at your school by using that invitation system.

  2. If you can only invite a handful of kids, ask the parents not to tell the kids in advance (just on the day of) so they don't spill the beans in school and hurt other kids' feelings.

  3. We had the same dilemma last year in Teo's first year of preschool. We invited his whole PS class (to avoid hurting feelings), as well as his other friends. Almost all of his class rsvp'd yes. It was really overwhelming. We probably won't do that this year. It might hurt some feelings, but ultimately, we have to do what is best for our family, and Teo certainly wasn't asked to very many birthdays, so not all of the parents did what we did.

  4. have the family/friends party at home, and have the preschool party at school. i did this for years, and it always worked out for the better. also, i taught preschool for 4 years, and it was so much fun for all the kids to be involved. there usually aren't any presents from preschool when it's done this way, but i always felt like my kids had ENOUGH junk, and i preferred they not collect more.

  5. I'm with Bazanna - separate the two and you'll have no hard feelings. We had an all kids invited party at Crescendo for Sam's birthday and it was a lot of fun!

    But for a while i had a rule of thumb with the friends/family party that if we had attended an outside birthday party of a kid from school then we invited that kid to our outside party as well. That seemed only fair.

    You're right that who's invited to whose birthday party is always a HUGE topic of conversation and kiddie politics, so feelings are bound to be hurt any way you slice it.

    good luck!!



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