Friday, October 28, 2011

As of Late

We took a little trip to an Autumn Festival at Remlinger Farms. We had a fabulous time and enjoyed a lot of "firsts" while we were there!

 First Canoe ride for Stella

 First nose-picking session on a train captured on camera... 

First serious interaction with a giant squash the same color as her hair...

 Harris' first mountain climbing expedition...

In other news, I finally took a few pictures of the room that I painted as a reaction to the miscarriage, and I think it looks fantastic! I am thrilled with the result of this accent wall. I am also thrilled with the little carrot bundle that I plucked from the garden today. Sadly enough, these tiny, yet plump carrots were planted this last February... I was expecting some monster carrots after having them in the ground for that long! Ahh well!
 So... here is a great shot that shows some awesomeness in my life... A. My awesome green wall, B. My neat-o curtains hanging over my newly painted white wall, C. My sweet IKEA light hanging in my entryway, and D. My cute almost 2 year old crawling up the stairs!

 I also picked up a new plant for the corner table. I love plants!


  1. Hehe. The nose-picking picture. Hehe.

  2. The room looks GREAT!!! Do y'all live in a condo? We do and I always hope to find the other ways that people decorate their homes that live in condos. Is that weird? I find that I get discouraged looking at decorating blogs of people with proper houses because my home looks so different.

    Oh, and yes- I love the nose picking picture too. :)

  3. Loooove the green wall!!! Where was the pumpkin/train/nose picking fun?

  4. I love this post! From the super cute pictures of Stella with her amazing hair to that fantastic light (oh my gosh how gorgeous that entry must look when the sun goes down), to those awesome curtains and your gorgeous wall. All good things! Thanks for sharing them! :)


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