Monday, September 5, 2011

Have a Miscarriage? Paint a room!

Well, that is what I do anyway... you might call it "reverse nesting" if you will! Finally, my last blood test came back looking good. After a ridiculous number of blood tests and doctors appointments, my mystery pregnancy is finally resolving itself! How do I choose to celebrate? I paint a room that is looong overdue for painting!! Our dining room wall was painted a blue color by the previous owners. The blue was not unattractive, but it was in need of repair due to some bumps and scrapes, and we did not have the paint to touch it up. Additionally, we wanted to make it ours, so we are looking at new color options! I got on a painting kick, and now I just can't stop! Unfortunately, when I went to Home Depot today to buy more No-VOC Fresh Aire Paint in "Distant Star"for my ceilings, I realized that they had stopped carrying the brand! GASP!! Dearl Lord... now what?! Well, now I will whip out my can that remains, and match a swatch to Kelly-Moore brand, which also has a really great VOC-free paint.The current count is 9 color samples sitting on my windowsill that have been nixed from the color-running! I have a list of about 7 more samples that I will pick up tomorrow!. I will be sure I show some bfore and after pictures when it is done!


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