Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Miscarriage Continues

On Monday, I had my D&C. Mindi came to be with me and drive the car. Both of the kids were with her and so she brought "the secret weapon" aka our portable dvd player. It worked like a charm- my son has fallen in love with the Care Bears. Apparently, his favorite is "Share Bear" how cute!

I digress.

I changed into my gown and was introduced to the anesthesiologist. He was a very young and attractive guy- mid 30's with 4 kids of his own and very nice teeth. (What?! I am a teeth person!) Anyways... I was pretty relaxed during the prep for the procedure. I am the kind of person who likes to spread good cheer, and if I have a compliment to give, I rarely keep it bottled up. I kept thinking about how nice this guy's teeth were, but for some reason, I opted to keep the compliment to myself. We started talking about other things, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. It was a quick procedure- 20 minutes tops. After a few minutes and a bag of cheez-its, the anesthesiologist came in to see how I was. He didn't stay long, just a few seconds, and then he left. Then my RE popped in with a resident by his side. The resident was a little stud too! Young, attractive, and one of the nerd-chic kind of fellas that could totally make a bow tie look hot. He totally rocked his Clark Kent glasses. Strange I tell you- strange. After the RE told me that all went well, he left. I was just about to get dressed when I blurted out the the nurse- "wow, that anesthesiologist had really nice teeth". She looked up at me and chuckled- "I know, you already told him that"... Huh? Oh boy... the way she was chuckling, I kind of wondered what else I had come up with in my drug induced state!! No, really... I really wonder! :-O

All was well Monday and Tuesday. I wasn't really cramping at all, I didn't have a whole lot of bleeding either, and I was feeling really quite settled. Then, last night the story changed. I was doing a little painting to the ceiling in our office. Nothing strenuous, just cutting in the edges in preparation for rolling. All of a sudden, I got a sharp pain in my right lower back. The pain traveled around to my pelvis and down into my lady bits. Soon after that, it encompassed my entire lower abdomen. The pain was intense- shooting, piercing pain. I walked around the way I did when I was laboring with my children- panting, swaying, blowing air through my lips. I tried to go to the bathroom but the pain of sitting down was so much that I shot up immediately. Mindi was concerned. I was concerned. After I caught my breath, I called the doctor. He asked a list of questions to rule out certain things like UTIs and infection. He then told me to take 3 Advil to see if it helped the pain. He instructed me to call and come in the next day if the pain was still there. The Advil helped, and by the morning, the stabbing pain was replaced by extreme tenderness. I figured that the tenderness was due to the strain on the muscles the night before.

I get a call at about 9am from my IVF Coordinator, asking how I am. I tell her I am just tender. She quickly informs me that she wants me to come in for an ultrasound right away. Why? I asked her, surprised. "The lab was unable to find any gestational tissue from your D&C".

What. The. Fuck.

Ok... I quickly find care for my 2 kids with 2 different moms (Thanks Loren and Lica!!!) and rush downtown. They told me that they were now looking for an ectopic pregnancy. Now, that doesn't make much sense to me, but aparently ectopic pregnancies have been known to "throw off" alternate gestational sacs, similar to the one that they saw on my first ultrasound.

God Damn this is long. Maybe I should have stopped when I got to the part about the sexy nerd resident and the hot anesthesiologist with nice teeth...

The sonographer found blood in abdominal cavity (from what?!) but no tubal pregnancy, and no remaining tissue in my uterus. So trippy. Now I will be going back on Saturday for another blood draw. If my HcG levels go down, then we will play the wait-it-out game. If they don't, then they will have to assume an ectopic pregnancy that they will have to look harder for on ultrasound, or is potentially outside of my tubes and uterus. Man this sucks.

At least my anesthesiologist had nice teeth.


  1. I understand the feeling of just wanting it to be over. I had a miscarriage between Julia and Lucy and I went the D&C route after which I got terribly sick (probably from a virus I picked up at the hospital). It just seemed to drag all the unpleasantness out. I was ready to move forward before my body was and that dissonance didn't feel good.

    I hope everything is sorted for you soon. I'm thinking of you.

  2. o goodness, so sorry for the ordeal...

  3. Been lurking around for a while now. Just wanted to comment and say I hope all goes well for you with the rest of this ordeal so you can get right back on track

  4. Did they rule out a hemorrhaging ovarian cyst?

  5. I had 3 miscarriage but only had one D & C which I hated. God bless you and your family. I always had to think of it as there was something wrong with the baby and it was for the best.


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