Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ectopic Pregnancy Confirmed

After waiting in the cushy lobby area of my RE's office for an hour and a half (thank God for home decorating mgazines and smart phones) yesterday, I was given the news that despite having 2 rounds of cytotec, and 1 D&C, the pregnancy still existed, and my hormone levels were still going up. My RE told me that, while the level was not going up as they would for a viable pregnancy, it was going up nonetheless, and firmly recommended that I accept an injectable medication called methotrexate. I agreed, and got the shots. How could I not? I have been strung along on this roller coaster of miscarrying a baby that never seemed to exist... at least inside my uterus... I wil never know where the real embryo ended up implanting. It was obviously not in my uterus. It could have been in my fallopian tube, as (95% chance of tubal pregnancy) would suggest, or, it could have been somewhere outside of my tubes, including my ovary, bowel or spleen. This is like an episode of the twilight zone! During my last ultrasound, on Thursday, the sonographer really looked hard. She was unable to see ANYTHING, ANYWHERE. I was certain my HcG levels would go down, and man, was I suprised when they had actually gone up. Incredible. Well, I am going to get stuck again on Thursday to check those HcG levels again. Cross your fingers that they go down if for no other reason than my sanity. 


  1. Here's hoping you can get off this roller coaster ride soon with sanity intact...



  2. Hey just want you to know I've been thinking about you and Mindy through this. I hope the "drama" ends soon and you can get a clean resolution. Hope you've gotten some good news today. All my best thoughts are with you.


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