Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Day at The Faire

Last summer, we packed up our family, and headed down to the Renaissance Fair! We had a jolly good time, and enjoyed all of the people in Renaissance garb. Mindi, being of... hmmmm... non- rambunctious spirit, doesn't especially enjoy dressing up. I mention this because while we were at said Faire, she mentioned on a few occasions that she actually felt out of place in street clothes! I was amazed. I was even more amazed when she actually asked me to make us all costumes for this years Renaissance Faire! Time sped by, as it always does, and the next thing you know, the Renaissance Faire is in a week and a half, and I have found myself needing to sew full costumes for 4 people- and on a budget!

It was the pure excitement that fueled my sewing all-nighters! Now, I must preface this by saying that I would consider myself a beginning/intermediate sewer- I now my way around my sewing machine, I love my serger, but I have only worked with a pattern once, and that was in junior high school. Lucky for me, (I guess) I didn't have a pattern, and instead relied on illustrations and general instructions that I found online. I have to pat myself on the back here, however, because I think that all 4 costumes turned out splendidly! First, I made my dress. It consisted of a "kirtle" or under dress, and an apron overdress. I trimmed it up with some trim and made a belt with some leftover fabric from the kirtle. It was BY NO MEANS an expert job, but I was proud to wear it! Next up, I made Stella's dress. It was a ridiculously simple A line dress with an elastic neckline. I then made her a little apron, bonnet cap, and a little brown pouch that attached to her apron belt for depositing bitty rocks into. Mindi's shirt came next. After 3 fittings, it fit her perfectly, and she kept mentioning how comfortable it was, which totally rocked my world. I made a similar shirt for Harris, but without a collar, and more little pouches for everyone! We geared up, suited up, drove an hour. braved the Burger King in our strange clothing, and then finally arrived at the Faire! We felt totally comfortable in our costumes, and a number of The whole time we were there we saw 1 teenage girl wandering around solo, playing a wooden recorder. For all we know, she could have just come as a patron. It was pretty disappointing. BUT I got some cute pictures of my kids! Wanna see?? Do you??? Well, I do lol.

He was imitating a pirate that he was watching in front of him!

Last year, this guy scared Harris to bits! AMazing how they change...


  1. you guys looked great! it would be great if we all went next year, decked out in costumes of course :)

  2. Awhh, Harris and Stella look too cute! You guys too of course ;)

  3. Fantastic outfits!! I miss Ren Faire! We had a great one in Colorado, but none here in Hawaii. I especially miss Puke and Snot and all the varieties of food on a stick. :)

  4. You guys look terrific! I really need to get cracking on Curly's costume for this year. The faire near us is outstanding and I love watching the wonder on his face when we see fantastic things.

  5. I can't sew myself out of a paper bag, but I could make SO MANY THINGS with the bag itself! Your outfits are amazing (and the kids look pretty dang cute, too!) We love the Ren fest here, and meat on a stick? Yes please!

  6. Great job sewing those amazing costumes. Looks like a fun time for the family!

  7. Wow, Stella is SO adorable in her costume!


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