Friday, August 19, 2011

The Challenges Continue

I just couldn't shake what Kat said from my head. Misdiagnosed miscarriage? Me? Is it possible? I sat my ass in front of my computer and read for hours. I read over and over again that a blighted ovum is not really diagnosable until at least 8 weeks. I was only 6w 3d. I kept reading over and over that it is much more difficult to visualize early pregnancy via ultrasound in women that have a retroverted uterus (a uterus that tilts up and back towards the spine as opposed to forward over the bladder). I have been told over and over that I have a retroverted uterus. I read medical sites and message boards. I tried to make sure that I spread out my research over a broad spectrum of sites- not just those dedicated to misdiagnosed miscarriages. (Although if you are up for some interesting stories, I highly recommend the site After doing all the research that I could, I came to the conclusion that, in my particular situation, there seemed to be a 50/50 chance that the doctor was wrong. But, I couldn't help but wonder if there was something else on that ultrasound that clued my RE into the immediate diagnosis of miscarriage due to blighted ovum. I knew, that as the patient, I only had the information that they handed me, so I called the office back that same night and asked the medical assistant to do some sleuthing for me. I wanted to know what other factors went into the diagnosis. She called me back late in the evening, telling me that she was still trying to gather some more information, and that she would call me in the morning, I really appreciated the fact that she called me, even to let me know that she wasn't done with the search yet. Now that is service, I say!

Yesterday morning, I got the phone call. She had taken the opportunity to sit down with 2 sonographers (the one that did the initial scan plus 1 more) and my RE to learn about their findings. On the phone, she reported back to me that the fact that there was no visible fetal pole or yolk sac, coupled with the fact that the gestational sac was measuring at only 5w1d (a full week and 3 days behind) were the telltale signs of a failed pregnancy. That was all I needed to hear. I know how important the measurements are so early in a pregnancy, and because we knew the exact timing of everything (due to it being an IVF cycle), I knew that it was what it was, and I knew what had to be done. I drove to the pharmacy, and picked up the pills that would help my body complete the miscarriage process.

I would be interested to hear from other women what their experience was using Cytotec(Misoprostol) for a miscarriage. So far, my experience has been much different than I had expected. After reading the literature that I was sent home with from my Doctor's office, I expected that I would stick some pills up my lady bits, wait a few hours, and then cramp and bleed profusely for about 4-8 hours, and then it would be done. After that I might bleed like a regular period for a few days, and then I would go in for an ultrasound to make sure it was all out. What I got yesterday, was totally different.

I took my first dose at 2pm, and my second at 4pm. I experienced very very mild menstrual like cramps for about 3 hours until 7pm. It was then that I started spotting and getting the chills, but for the most part, it was just piddly menstrual cramps. I thought for sure, by 7 pm I would have a rushing river down there. But alas- there was nothing more than pink when I wiped.

It wasn't until 9pm that I started getting contractions. The contractions continued every 15 minutes until about 11pm. Then they stopped. The end.

What? The end? What happened to the copious bleeding? Ummm someone forgot to send my uterus the memo I guess... Hey UTERUS! YOU HAVE A JOB TO DO! C'mon lady, we have got to clean it out so as to prepare to try again! Damn drugs. I changed my pad, laughing at the teaspoon of blood at most that was there. (Should I have offered a TMI warning? Yes? oh, well, sorry...) I put on a new pad thinking that maybe something miraculous would happen in the middle of the night. I popped a vicodin and went to sleep. I slept great heh heh.

This morning I called the Dr.s office again and told them of my experience. They called in another prescription and I picked it up right before lunch. It is almost time for my second dose, and I am still having no cramping and no bleeding whatsoever. I hope to God that this second try does the trick because I really do not want to go in for a D&C.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


  1. Oh Lynn, Im so sorry. I just read your last 2 posts. Let me know if you need anything, you know I am here whenever you need to talk!

  2. Oh how my heart breaks for you! Let us know (TMI if you need to) how this all works out for you.


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