Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hot apple cider- the drink of choice for the newly pregnant...
We have gone camping a number of times, but this camping trip had to be the best by far. We invited a number of friends to come along with us, and it was simply delightful in every way. The different personalities all melded perfectly, and everyone had something interesting to bring to the late- night adult conversation. The kids all had a blast exploring and playing together, as well as peeing on everything that didn't move... The babies had fun rolling around with the big kids, the food was fantastic, and it seemed as though everyone had a part to play! If you have never gone group camping, I highly recommend it! We ended up having 5 kids and 8 adults. It was the perfect amount of people for the 3 beautiful campsites that we had. Any more, and it would have been too much I think.

My beautiful friend Kat

Harris applying sunscreen. What goes around comes around...

"Auntie Kat" with Stella

My favorite unscripted moment!

Our friend Ken, Anna (aka Kat & Anna!) Mindi and Stella

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