Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jolly Good Time

Ah, isn't it nice to finally have a bout of good weather here in Seattleland! While the rest of the country has been having a fretful combination of massive heatwaves, and, in some areas, massive thunderstorms accompanied by flooding and power outages, we have been scraping by on partly sunny, 64 degree days... Finally, this weekend is shaping up to be just dandy in the 70's and sunny! So what is a good little homemaker to do, but mow her lawn! Yes yes, my friends! Ho hum, la la la, I love to mow my lawn... ouch! OUCH! OUCH OH SHIT WHAT THE?! BLOODY HELL! WASPS! SWARMING! OUCH! MY BACK! AH! MY TUMMY! scat damn things! AAAAH! MY HANDS MY HANDS!!!!!! *running to the garage, yelping to my little Boy to get in the house! Get Mommy!* AH! AAH! OUCH! GET OFF ME! *jumping* swatting* shaking* crying* I am fairly certain I have left the swarm behind but my body is on fire and I need Mindi to check for lingering wasps on my clothes. I tried not to yelp too loudly, as I didn't want to frighten Harris who was watching me, and I didn't want to wake up the baby who was napping. Mindi came out to see me in tears, checked my clothes and we ran into the bathroom to assess the damage. Off came the shirt. More tears, more shaking, all the while, trying to comfort Harris who was concerned. 5 stings in all- not too bad, it could have been worse, but the image in my head of looking down at my black tshirt and seeing 6-8 really pissed off yellow jackets sitting there, knowing that there was at least that many on my back as well really had me shaken up all day. My hand is so swollen and painful, and my back and front itch like mad. Like I said before, it could have been worse. So what happened? Apparently I mowed over there nest. Shit.

On a happier note, I am going in for my pregnancy test tomorrow. I do not have any feeling either way. I am not even cautiously optimistic, because I really have no clue. We shall see!

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