Thursday, July 21, 2011

It was soooo romantic- let me tell you!

Ok, while completely unromantic in every sense of the word, today was an exciting day! We carted the whole family down to the clinic for our 12 noon appointment for our embryo transfer! We considered trying to find a babysitter for the kids, but also knew that Harris was really interested in being there. Luckily, I packed every snack item a kid could ever desire, and wouldn't you know it, poor vegetarian Mindi got stuck doling out turkey jerky as the snack of choice for the kids. It was pretty funny actually. She didn't want to touch the jerky, so every time Stella would want another piece, she would ask big brother to get it out of the bag. What a good helper he was!

I was instructed to take 2 Valium tablets and drink 1.5L of water 1 hour before the transfer. I sighed a deep sigh as I started chugging the water because I knew I was in for some torture. I mean, really- making a woman who has experienced minor loss of bladder control after having two vaginal deliveries (don't tell me you don't pee a little when you sneeze!!!), making her drink 1.5L of water, and then giving her something else t "relax" her... My biggest fear was that while the embryologist was watching, and the ultrasound technician was pressing on my bladder with her ultrasound probe, I would end up accidentally pissing on the Doctor while his head was in my junk! Golly, could you imagine?! Luckily, the nurse allowed me to release a little urine before the transfer so that I would be more comfortable.

While we were waiting for the transfer to occur, the embryologist came in to talk to us about our embryo. During my last appointment, I had to sign the consent for them to thaw the embryo(s). We had 12 frozen, and while the Doctor and I agreed that we would only put 1 back in, I also agreed that I would allow them to thaw as many embryos (1 at a time) as they needed until 1 was viable and in god shape. When we froze the 12 embryos, they were all A+ blastocysts. So, when the embryologist came in and told us that she thawed 1 embryo, and it unfortunately did not make it, I was a bit surprised. The second embryo she thawed did, however, make it, and was thriving and growing in the incubator. In all actuality, call me crazy, I was kind of "relieved" that one of the "perfect embryos" didn't survive. Up until this point in the creation of our family, I have been waiting for the shit to hit the fan, if you will. Up until now, everything has been perfect- 2 perfect pregnancies, 2 easy home births, and 2 wonderful children. I am half expecting to have to have an emergency c-section on my front porch, and have the baby I birth resemble Benjamin Button.

Ok, maybe that is a little unrealistic...
Either way, I want to leave you with our potential baby to be's first picture!!

Aww, look at those plump little cell clusters! How cuuuute!


  1. So exciting! That's so neat that the kiddos were able to be there during the big day. I'm looking forward to hearing that you're pregnant and am fairly certain you will have another easy homebirth and not a emergency porch cesarean or baby Benjamin Button. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Exciting!!! And a little bit romantic...just a tad ;)

  3. How exciting! Sending you positive baby vibes your way. That's pretty neat that the kids were able to experience the day with you both.

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Your little blob of cells looks fantastic! Hoping to be melting fun sized candy bars in diapers for you in about 8 months....(Just kidding, I wouldn't *really* do that.)

  5. squeeeee! very exciting!! can't wait to hear more...

  6. How exciting! I felt the same way about baby #3 - my good luck has gotta run out sometime, right? It turned out there was plenty more because the delivery was smooth and Phoebe fills out our family so well. Here's to your and your adorable embryo!

  7. Best of luck! I hope the one lost embryo is your only roadbump on the way to baby 3!


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