Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Flat Travel

I read a very witty blog that I am sure I have mentioned in the past. Leslie, the poster, decided to send her family around the country with the goal to visit every single state over the course of the next few months! Each member is currently in a different state, including their baby daughter! Ok, well, maybe not the REAL baby daughter, but the flat versions! We are currently hosting Lucy, their middle daughter (of 3) for a few days. I want to keep her long enough to show her a good time in Seattle! You can read more about their adventure here!
Lucy is here! Lucy is here! Ain't she cute?!

Harris shares his dinner.

Stella trie to give a finger high five!

Look Mom, someone smaller than me!

watching a movie with the girls

dropping Harris off at school!


  1. What a cute idea to do with your whole family. My sons school class did flats one year and it was really fun to see everywhere they went.

  2. We have been having SO MUCH FUN with the Flat Grimmetts. It's so cool to see her with you after reading your blog all this time. It's like, "Look! They ARE real. They don't just live in my computer!" Thank you so much for hosting Flat Lucy!


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