Monday, June 13, 2011

Well Holy Crap

One could argue that I am about to post this video of my firey redhead because she is butt nekkid. While I do not deny that I think it makes her all that much cuter, I am really posting this video to show the world that FINALLY my 18.5 month old girl is walking! For real! Really walking! Holy Moly! I was convinced that she would be in college, crawling around the carpeted floor of some skanky frat party... ok, well, maybe I just thought that up right now... ewwww. Ok, I need to stop thinking about that altogether... Anyways- I managed to grab the camera as soon as I saw my little lady stand up and decide that she wanted to be a big girl, and walk to the bath! I love miraculous timing!

Untitled from Lynn L on Vimeo.


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