Sunday, May 22, 2011

No, The Sickies Will Never End...

Friday afternoon there was a Marathon Fundraiser at Harris' school. He was very excited to participate, and there was a fantastic theme! It was called the Earn Your Stripes! Marathon. All of the kids wore white shirts, and every time they would complete a lap, they would get a painted stripe on their white shirt. In the end, they all looked like zebras, and man, what a great incentive that was for the kids! As you will note below, there are no pictures of Harris' Zebra shirt. He woke up that morning with a fever of 104 degrees. We gave him Ibuprofen. It helped the fever, but obviously, we had mixed feelings about bringing him to the marathon. he had trained so hard, and was so excited about the marathon, and the ice cream afterwards. We gave him 3 options.
1. Stay home.
2. Go to the Marathon to cheer on his friends and eat ice cream.
3. Go to the Marathon and run.

I knew he was in no mood or shape to run, and so I was not surprised when he picked number 2. With a sigh of frustration at the overall situation, Mindi and I agreed to keep him away from the other kids, and to be on guard for whatever happened. We went, he got his number, and for a moment, I saw the pride in his eyes.

The pride was quickly replaced by misery, and he asked to go home before the Marathon even started. I felt so bad for him, and we went home. By that evening, his fever peaked at 104.9. He was complaining of on again/ off again leg and foot pain. He has been battling fever all weekend.

Tonight the fever hit the highest we had ever seen it go. Just 30 minutes after his Acetaminophen was "scheduled" to wear off, he weakly called for Mindi. His temperature read 106.1. We both jumped into hyper speed. In a whirlwind, Mindi administered another dose of Ibuprofen, I got him cold cloths and water, and she started up the bath. I swooped him up from his bed and jumped in the tub with him. I didn't even take my clothes off.

I eventually got him turned around and practically laying in the water on his back while I sponged tepid water over his torso and forehead. Finally, the Ibuprofen and bath did the trick and his fever came down to 102. I will be taking him to the Dr. tomorrow (Monday). Cross your fingers his temperature doesn't skyrocket again.
Have any of you dealt with ridiculously high fevers before?


  1. We've dealt with a fever of 105.3 before, apparently due to a run-of-the-mill virus. Like you, we did cool baths and cycles of tylenol and ibuprofin. Scary, scary stuff. I hope you've seen the last of it.

  2. Yeah, my daughter is notorious for spiking crazy fevers at the drop of a hat. 106 happens in our house on regular basis. (one time I even took her temperature and the digital thermometer just read 'high', it is super scary when it gets there. What the ER has told us to do is give a dose of both Tylenol and Ibuprofen at the same time and then continue a regular cycle. If it doesn't bring the fever down, then it's time for the ER. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  3. 4 weeks ago Will's spiked to 106.3, similar to your situation. We proceeded to do exactly what you did. I was freaked out but Dr. Google essentially said fever at this level in the absence of dehydration was ok. My wife nursed him like crazy and we alternated tylenol and ibuprophen. It was a nightmare, but ended in 4 days.

  4. I have not but that is so scary and I would have panicked. I home your little man feels better soon. (I did kinda drop off the face of the earth, sorry! DP and I are trying for #2 soon so I may be blogging again, I'll let you know!)

  5. Wow, that's a high fever. Scary stuff! I hope he's all better soon.


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