Friday, May 6, 2011

I Couldn't Have Said it Better Myself

I read many blogs, I read this one religiously, sucking up every word she says with vigor and intensity. It might sound a bit exaggerated, the way I just described it, but it is the best way for me to say it. The main focus of her blog is that of Gardening and Homesteading, including fantastic recipes, chicken keeping, and vegetable growing. She is also, like myself and many of my readers, a mom. She wrote an incredible post about her top 10 things that she would like for Mother's Day. While my list would be ridiculously similar, her #1 was so well written that I felt I would be doing everyone a disservice by NOT acknowledging it's importance, and sharing it with those that may not (yet) read her blog. Here  it is, her #1 Thing she wants for mother's day.

1. Time - Yes, the one thing every mom wants more of is time. Day-by-day we drive time away, running between school and soccer and the grocery store and work. We wash it away in countless loads of whites and darks and delicates, and pack it away with sack lunches and overnight bags and permission slips. It is lost with keys and cell phones and wallets and is never found, not inside purses or diaper bags or upstairs on the nightstand. Even when we make time for ourself it leaks out and around the edges, little crumbs of time spilled as we multi-task our lives away and feel guilt for what we just don't have time for.

So, in case you missed all the links above, here it is again. Go check her out at!

And a happy Mother's day to you!

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