Tuesday, May 3, 2011

His Eyes are Blue, My Eyes are Too...

But hey, guess what else they are? Pink. Yes, pink. As in Pink Eye. As in goopy pink/red goodness. As in burning, itchy, weeping yumminess. Harris has always been prone to eye infections for some reason. We typically are able to remedy them with some good old fashioned warm compresses, mega hand washing, and love. Lots and lots of love. And kisses. Can't forget the kisses.

On Saturday, the whole family was working on a cold. It had been hanging around for a while. We weren't surprised when Harris started showing signs of an eye infection. What we weren't prepared for was the gooey floodgates to open. Bloodshot eyes, swollen lids- the works. He cried all night Sunday. At about mindnight, Mindi offered to sleep with him in his bed (pretty unheard of for us). He turned her down (pretty unheard of for him) and told us he wanted to see a doctor and get eye drops (unheard of is an understatement here...) So, we said ok, and carted off the local emergency room with the goal of getting a script for eye drops that would help him feel better. Oh yeh, and a diagnosis.

He was really cute, He was so polite to the lady at the front desk. That's my little man! He made me proud. We had a pep talk while we were driving about how it would be great if he didn't freeze up when the doctor came in to see us. He has tendency to retreat, and I really needed him to actually talk to her about how he was feeling.

intrigued by the pulse meter

puppy was a great companion

He was super tired (it was about 2:30am at this point)
At about 2:30am, we had seen the doctor, gotten his diagnosis of an upper respiratory infection and pink eye, and were simply waiting for the nurse to come back with the prescription. I had brought a blanket from home which he loved. Puppy and blanket made him feel right at home. He was awesome.

Monday morning, I woke up with a burning right eye. Damn. DAMN! Stella had a little goo as well so I landed a quickie appointment for us yesterday afternoon. We left with a script for us. Luckily for Stella, her eyes are obviously fighting back the infection, and she is doing great. I, on the other hand, have been enjoying a healthy dose of eye drops along with my son.

Moral of the story? Wash your hands more, and don't underestimate just how good your kid can be when you simply ask them to be!


  1. What a trooper he was!! I hope you are all feeling better very soon!

  2. Poor Harris, what a little sweetheart though! My god he is cute in the pictures with his puppy!!

  3. poor guy! i hope you all are much better soon!


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