Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art Gallery Wall

I love my new Art Gallery wall. And, would you believe me if I told you that the ENTIRE PROJECT cost me a total of $15!! Yes, holy crap. $15! I will preface this by saying that I already had a few frames. The frames that I had were ones that had simply never been re-hung after our move from a year and a half ago, and 5 of the frames came from an estate sale for about 10 cents a piece that have been sitting in my craft room for over a year.

It has taken me a long time to get my ass in gear and make our house a home, but I am finally getting on my way! I started out by hanging a picture that I wanted to be a focal point. After that, I spray painted all of the frames black using spray paint that I had in the garage. I sprayed some with a flat finish, and some with gloss. The $15 that I spent was for the majority of the larger (approximately 9"x12") frames, and they were all purchased at the dollar store. Yes, the dollar store! They were the perfect size for all of the artwork that Harris would come home with, since it was mostly created on 8.5"x11" paper. I also picked up a few smaller frames as well.
After all of the frames were dry, I made templates using newspaper to lay out the wall. I did this by using newspaper and tracing the outside of the frame. I cut out the shape, and then set it on the back of the frame in order to find the hanger location. After marking the hanger, I started taping the templates to the wall until I liked the layout.
templates on the wall!

Ready for Hanging!
 Here is a closeup of how simple it is to find the correct location for the nail! Make a hole, and stick the nail there! After you have all of your nails in, simply pull the taped template from the wall, and you are ready to hang your art!

We are open door bathroom folk here at my house, so now, I have this fantastic view whenever I am sitting on the loo!

Here are some of my favorite pieces that are hanging on the wall! These first 3 are also Harris' favorite, as he says goodnight to them every night!
Stella silhouette

Harris Silhouette

Bob the Fish Silhouette
 These 3 Silhouettes were very easy to make. I took a side shot picture of Harris, Stella, and our fish Bob. Then, on the computer, I simply cropped the pictures, changed them to black and white, and cranked up the contrast. I set them to print at a certain size- in this case 4x6, and then set the photo atop a piece of black construction paper. If I had had black cardtock, I probably would have used that. I used some paperclips to keep the pages together, and then used an exacto blade to cut around the head. I glued the black head to a colored paper and stuck it in the frame. It was soooo easy. If you make one of these, and your picture will be hanging in a sunny room, definately do not use construction paper, as it will fade waaay too easily.

The next picture is what I refer to as "The Sears Portrait Gone Wrong". Everyone hangs the crisp looking, plastic-smiled snapshots, with the whole family wearing matching sweaters and not a single hair out of place. When I took the 2 kids to Sears to have some pictures taken, I was not prepared to be in any photos. Aparently Harris was not either. I was seated next the little stage, and Harris practically lept off the platform. Bless that photographer lady, as she snapped the perfect shot! I bought it without a second thought, and wouldn't you know it, THAT is the one that is on my wall!
Sears portrait gone wrong
 These 2 little frames hold the keys to all of our past homes together. I saw this idea on a fantastic blog called Young House Love
 I really love having this bit of history on our walls. I used little scrapbook dots to stick the keys to the paper. You could use hot glue if you wanted. I then wrote a little diddy about each key.

This shot is of one of the 3 sets on the hallway walls. That is my wee Stella in the background in Harris' room.

This is an embroidered love note that I made for Mindi. It is actually an excerpt from my diary, reborn with fabric and thread. I mounted it to a corkboard with sewing pins.

The most notable piece to me on this wall is the frame around the thermostat. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?!


  1. Love this! Our houses must be laid out very similar, our hallways look exactly the same. I'm going to try the news paper trick, the pics down my hallway are all willey nilley randomly hung so they really need to be redone.

  2. Amazing gallery. I love so many of the ideas!!!

  3. Too cute! I love that Bob got a silhouette :) Oh and the keys are a great idea! I wish I had not given all of mine back!

  4. it!!!! You are so creative and crafty! I'm jealous!

    Ps. K prints the t-shirts for Y.oung H.ouse L.ove (they sell them on their website)! Great blog :)

  5. Your walls look so pretty! I really wish I had our old keys now, I love that idea!

  6. Wait, you lived on Wayne? Like, near Andersonville? We lived on Glenwood Ave from 2002-2005! I bet we went to some of the same places... That's my favorite rummage sale and we return every year for amazing bargains. I wish I had all our keys--what a great idea! I do have all of our tags/ribbons from every Christmas tree we bought together and hang them on the tree.

  7. Erathora- we were in Lincoln Park, so not quite soo far North- Loved it! What a small world eh?

  8. i LOVE your art wall! We moved about 8 months ago and still haven't gotten around to hanging pictures!

    -- Dana

  9. This is AWESOME! I can't believe you got the frames from the dollar store! I should take a leaf out of your book. Thanks for sharing.


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