Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 Points

So, as you know, Mindi and I embarked on our 3 day cleanse this morning, and I have some notes to share with anyone else considering the same. First of all, it is not nearly as bad as I had expected it would be. In reality, if you get hungry, you drink a glass of juice, and while it might not give you a just-eaten feeling, it certainly does stave off your hunger enough that you can wait for your next glass without fainting. The 1 thing that I thought was simply repulsive, however, was shooting a tablespoon of olive oil upon waking. Now, I love oil, but gulping it down from a shot glass was pretty nasty. I followed it swiftly with a chaser of prune juice, as directed. Now, oil aside, the other thing that you must know about a juice fast is that you probably shouldn't plan to do anything that requires thinking. Mindi was working from home today, and found it practically impossible to focus on the task at hand. I mowed the lawn, and despite the mundane nature of the task, found myself continuously stopping to pluck weeds, move garbage cans around in circles and wander aimlessly through my garage. I kid you not. I am warning you, that this is no exaggeration. You will turn stupid. S T P U D I D I TELL YU! Now, directly following a glass of juice for both of us, we had a realization. How is Mindi going to work tomorrow? Should I be driving my kids around in this state? We had a quick chat and realized that the answer to these questions lied in a quick trip to Taco Bell...

So there you have it. Operation Juice Detox is put on hold. We want to accomplish this detox so bad, however, that Mindi is taking a day off of work this Friday (pretty unheard of for Mindi), just so that we will have 3 days in a row without commitments.

Point Number 2
Stella took her first steps today! I am going to try and catch it on camera- no promises! It is about time! She will be 16 months old tomorrow!!

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  1. I loved reading this. I fasted a few years ago (this is Baby Reese's mom speaking) and made it through 4 full days. By the end of the 4th day I was so depressed. I didn't miss eating, I missed the social aspect of it. I walked into my wife's office at work in tears. I said "I just want to sit down & eat with you." That night she took me to Taco Bell! Funny how fasting and Taco Bell seem to go hand-in-hand.
    I love reading your blog. Here is a link to mine. I just started last week. I'd love your input!


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