Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hey! I am not kidding! Vote Vote! And bloggy love...

Ok people, I am normally NOT a competitive person... so, I have no idea why I am even mentioning this again... maybe it is the thrill of seeing climbing numbers, maybe it is the thrill to know that there are actually people out there that care enough about my little blog, and enjoy reading my posts just enough to take the 30 seconds it takes to follow a link to click the happy little "vote" button next to my blog on the Circle of Moms website. I don't mind that I am (at current count) in 6th place, and a whole 19 votes lower than the top blogger. After all, my blogging sometimes comes in fits and spurts. I know how it goes. I know people like the juice- you know, the "oh no she di'int!" posts, or the, "Hey! I have replaced my plastic/lotion/car with glass/coconut oil/ pogo stick", or, my favorite, "Hey! My water just broke, and by the way, here is a picture of me NAKED! (nips and bush covered of course). I like those juicey posts too, and sometimes, I have failed to provide such witty entertainment.

So come on down and show me some lovin'! I am talking to you! I see that my "followers" list alone has 87 people on it, and I know that doesn't include the swarms of people (I speak in jest here folks) that read my blog via a blog reader...

My blog has been nominated to the Top 25 LGBT Parent Blogs list on Circle of Moms!  You can vote for my blog by visiting Circle of Moms Top 25 LGBT Parent Blogs. Please feel free to vote for my blog once a day until May 13, 2011! Click the in -link post, or the button on the right!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nominated for the Top 25 LGBT Parent Blogs List!

My blog has been nominated to the Top 25 LGBT Parent Blogs list on Circle of Moms! Woot! I had no idea I was on "the radar" of, well, anyone lol. You can vote for my blog by visiting Circle of Moms Top 25 LGBT Parent Blogs. Please feel free to vote for my blog once a day until May 13, 2011!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Imi Ami Ama

Many people ask me what our kids are calling us, being that we could both answer to "Mom". Well, I know I have mentioned this before, but we chose the words "Mommy" for Mindi, and "Ima" (pronounced ee-ma) for me (Lynn). Ima, is actually the Yiddish term for Mother, so we thought it was nice. Obviously, Harris has been calling me Ima for a long time now, but now that Stella has been kickin' it up a notch in terms of talking, she is trying reeeeeally hard to get our names down! Just the other day, she finally figured out the proper way to say "Mommy", but she is still having trouble with "Ima". I can't complain, however, because it is so friggin adorable to watch her sit on the floor, look up at me, and say "ee-mee! aaaaa-me! aaaaaa-maaa!" In all different cobinations, trying so hard to put together the 2 simple sounds of "ee" and "ma".

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 Points

So, as you know, Mindi and I embarked on our 3 day cleanse this morning, and I have some notes to share with anyone else considering the same. First of all, it is not nearly as bad as I had expected it would be. In reality, if you get hungry, you drink a glass of juice, and while it might not give you a just-eaten feeling, it certainly does stave off your hunger enough that you can wait for your next glass without fainting. The 1 thing that I thought was simply repulsive, however, was shooting a tablespoon of olive oil upon waking. Now, I love oil, but gulping it down from a shot glass was pretty nasty. I followed it swiftly with a chaser of prune juice, as directed. Now, oil aside, the other thing that you must know about a juice fast is that you probably shouldn't plan to do anything that requires thinking. Mindi was working from home today, and found it practically impossible to focus on the task at hand. I mowed the lawn, and despite the mundane nature of the task, found myself continuously stopping to pluck weeds, move garbage cans around in circles and wander aimlessly through my garage. I kid you not. I am warning you, that this is no exaggeration. You will turn stupid. S T P U D I D I TELL YU! Now, directly following a glass of juice for both of us, we had a realization. How is Mindi going to work tomorrow? Should I be driving my kids around in this state? We had a quick chat and realized that the answer to these questions lied in a quick trip to Taco Bell...

So there you have it. Operation Juice Detox is put on hold. We want to accomplish this detox so bad, however, that Mindi is taking a day off of work this Friday (pretty unheard of for Mindi), just so that we will have 3 days in a row without commitments.

Point Number 2
Stella took her first steps today! I am going to try and catch it on camera- no promises! It is about time! She will be 16 months old tomorrow!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

On Our Plate

Mindi and I have been feeling a little sluggish lately. We know we need to work out, and get in better shape. We decided to try doing a 3-day detox. We researched different detox regimines online, and felt that 3 day Juice cleanse was the best match for us. In short, you drink nothing but fruit juice for 3 days straight in order to help flush built up toxins from your body.

"The principle of fasting is simple. When the intake of food is temporarily stopped, many systems of the body are given a break from the hard work of digestion. The extra energy gives the body a chance to heal and restore itself, burning stored calories to rid stored toxic substances. During fasting, the liver and immune system are essentially freed to detoxify and heal other parts of the body. Many healers claim that fasting is a particularly useful therapy for the American lifestyle, of heavy diet, overeating, and constant exposure to food additives and chemicals. Some alternative practitioners have gone so far as to estimate that the average American is carrying 5-10 pounds of toxic substances in their bodies, for which fasting is the quickest and most effective means of removal."

This is what our kitchen counter looks like right now!

 Our fish, Bob was very curious about what was going on on top of our countertop!
 On a sidenote, Bob the Beta has got to be the coolest Beta fish that I have ever envountered. Most of them seem to just kindof sit there, but Bob comes when he is called, and swims around the side of the bowl closest to us, making it seem as if he wants love! It is pretty neat. :) We love you Bob!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pebbles of Colorful Deliciousness

I love being green, don't you? If you are taking steps to green up your life, or reduce your carbon footprint, or be more self sustaining, you know how good it can feel. Do you have a vegetable garden? Surely then, you know the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from eating your own, home grown produce. Or if you buy your produce from a local, dreamy, open-air farmers' market you have experienced that sense of pride, knowing that you are supporting local farmers, as well as reducing the carbon footprint of having your produce shipped from out of state.

I live for cloth diapers and wipes. I love having a kitchen that smells like vinegar, a toilet that bubbles with baking soda, and armpits that smell like coconuts. I love not pouring toxic shampoo on my head, and rinsing with an apple cider vinegar in my shower. I love that it makes me smell like a salad until my hair dries.

I was at the grocery store on Wednesday. I went to the trusty natural foods section to check out the cereal. My house is not big on eating cereal. After growing up myself, eating nothing but crappy cereal in copious amounts for breakfast (and sometimes lunch), I decided that it would be best to simply not bring it into the house, in favor of more nutritious breakfasts, such as oatmeal, eggs, etc. I went to check out the cereal to be used as a quick nibbly snack for the kids. You know, a snack for a cranky, hungry baby and preschooler that just fell in a puddle. A fast snack. A clean snack.

I pulled my cart up to the organic cereal shelf. It had been so long since my eyes had grazed the choices that awaited me. I would choose 1 box. I was excited by the options. Peanut butter, chocolate, yummy granola! I picked a box of Puffins. That would totally do the trick. But wait! What's this?! They are ON SALE! What a GREAT PRICE! 3 more boxes landed in my cart. Without so much as a flinch, I grabbed a half gallon of Rice Milk from the opposite side of the aisle. I would have to help the kids, after all- 4 boxes of healthy cereal would last us a couple months, and you know, I wouldn't want them to go stale or something! I felt warm and fuzzy. I patted myself on the back for what an amazing person I had become, and for the good, healthy deeds that I was doing for my children.

I rounded the corner on my way to the checkout, and my eyes skimmed the end cap display. Brightly colored boxes, colored with cartoon characters and promises of red 40, and blue 1, and yellow 5 whispered their presence like a buzz in my ear. Before I knew what had happened, an arm that could not have been mine, darted out, grabbing a box of Fruity Pebbles from the shelf, catapulting it gracefully to my organic filled grocery cart. Then, in a trance like state, I scurried to the checkout, where I must have overlooked the brightly colored box when I tossed in on the belt, and again, did not see it when the lovely cashier packed it in my reusable grocery tote... It was not until I got home, put the kids down for a nap, pulled out a bowl and started ripping the inside bag open to indulge in some ADHD promoting chemicals that I came to, and realized what I had done. OH THE HORROR! I stood there, at that pivotal moment- having a stare down with the container of rice milk. My eyes, darting from the carton to the bowl of fruity deliciousness. Should I? Who will I become? Should I step to the dark side? Will I find the strength to find my way back? And then?

AND THEN????????

 I ate the whole fucking box over the course of the next 36 hours.

No regrets people. NO R.E.G.R.E.T.S


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