Sunday, March 6, 2011

Morning Success

This morning, Mindi used the rest of the creamed spinach from dinner last night to fashion 2 delectable garden omlets- 1 for me, and 1 for you-know-who. For me, it was as if the skies had parted, and the angels came flying from the heavens... mmmm, yeh, I love spinach omlets... but I digress... I was in bed while Mindi presented him with his very own, and very green omlet. Aparently, so says Mindi, he was enthusiastic! "Oh yummy! A spinach omlet!" Well push me in a puddle and call me Sally- I was dumbfounded.

For lunch he had some seasoned chickpeas- I know, a legume, but it suits the trend. I think that we are going to try out some cream of broccoli soup on him soon, as well as that sweet potato with marshmallow idea that Malea had!


  1. Have you tried calling it something else? With my 2 I used to have to rename the foods to get them to eat them.

    My oldest LOVED bell peppers which we called "green bells" until one day someone offered him a "bell pepper" the second he heard the P word he quit eating it because he was convinced it was hot.

    Maybe if you rename it something fun he might be more willing to try them

  2. Aww so cute . ... My kids suprised me the other day I steamed some zucchini and yellow squash and boy did they love it.My 2 boys were fighting over the last piece!


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