Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Credit is Due

I want to send a thank-you shout out to Kate, (who I can unfortunately not link to because I cannot access her blogger profile...) who blogs at who left a very lovely comment on my last blog post, "In a Rut".

Among other splendid things, she writes:
"As a reader, I always enjoy what you have to say. I'm pretty picky about blogs and you are one of the few who seems to consistently tell wonderful stories about particular moments in your family's history. As my partner and I continue to struggle to find a way to bring family into being the stories are as inspirational to me as they are mundane to you (I hope that makes some sense)."

Kate, that made perfect and complete sense to me, and I soooo appreciate that comment! I think that I really needed to hear that last bit about the stories being as inspirational to you as they are mundane to me. That is how they feel so often... purely mundane and nothing else. Your comment made me think about the blogs that I read, and the stories that they tell. I often find the stories to be moving and titillating, all the while realizing that they may be just run-o-the-mill daily experiences for the blogger. Thank you THANK YOU Kate, you really made my day!!!

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  1. Any time. :) On the day I wrote that reply to your post I was feeling really down. My partner and I desperately want children but were struggling to try to figure out how we would ever afford all of the expenses. My family is super supportive, but they just can't seem to wrap their heads around people who aren't "married" having children, or how getting pregnant could be expensive. *sigh* Strangely enough, we started talking about getting married and her parents called two days ago to offer to give us money for a wedding (the same amount they gave her sisters). It is an incredibly generous gift and came with a "we know that you might want to use this money another way...that's fine, just use it the way that makes the most sense for you". Now we are scouring the $2000 wedding blog for inexpensive ideas and saving the rest for a family!

    In any case...I've just re-started blogging because of my realization that if these stories are so important to me than I need to start contributing to what is out there. My blog is here -


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