Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thumb Sucker

When Harris was a wee little thing, he used a pacifier. It didn't last long, about 3 months or so, and then his adorable left thumb replaced that little chunk of silicone, and  I was forever relieved that I didn't have to worry about some other mom seeing me pick up my baby's pacifier out of a puddle touching my baby's pacifier, and then putting it back in his mouth without using a pacifier disinfecter. I figured he would grow out of it, and thank God, He could never misplace his thumb. Fast forward 3 years, and Harris is still a thumb sucker. Now, it is not a really bad habit, mainly he would suck his thumb only when he was tired or hungry, but, then again, when is a preschooler not hungry... or... beyond tired (because he refuses naps...). So, well, he was beginning to get cute little buckteeth, and we knew it was time to interject. The first thing we tried was a product calls THUM. It is meant to make the finger taste bad, thus, deterring the child from sucking it. I had seen this stuff before, in fact, I had used a similar product for myself when I was in grade school while I was trying to break the habit of biting my nails. It was bitter tasting, and very effective for me. This THUM stuff, we found was a bit different. Instead of bitter, it was SPICEY. Harris hated it, and I don't blame him. One night, I went to his room in response to sobs, and asked him what was wrong. He told me he had an owie on his mouth., I figured he had bitten his cheek or something. I turned on the light and his face was bright red from just below his nose to his chin. he looked like Bozo the clown- I kid you not. I laughed, I couldn't help myself, and because I did, he did too. We wiped his face, got him a drink, and went back to bed. That was the end of our "spicey thumbs" as we called it.

Enter Plan B. I had seen in the One Step Ahead catalog, a thumb cover made of rubber and disposable bracelets that would help a kid break the habit. It was expensive, however, and I didn't like the idea of the disposable bracelets.

My trusty friend Etsy popped into my head, and I decided to look there for a possible solution. Sure enough, I was not disappointed, and I found a lovely seller that made these fantastic covers! Now, I completely feel that her price was more than reasonable, and I almost picked one out to buy when I smacked myself in the head and said- duh Lynn! Make one! So, I did.

Harris looooves his "thumb mitten", and it is working PERFECTLY. He is so proud of himself, and wants to wear it all the time. He continues to wear it, (he has had it about 2 weeks, and I think has broken the habit) and I am happy to let him wear it whenever he wants to! I highly recommend you check out this woman's shop if you are in need of a thumb guard. Her guards are made with a grommet that the kids cannot undo, whereas, I used a hook and eye closure that Harris can take off if he wants to. Do you have a thumb sucker? What have you tried???


  1. I guess the ole hot sauce on the thumb is passe:)

  2. That's a great idea to broke the habit of thumb sucking!Nice post...

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  3. Lovely "thumb mitten" what a great idea.


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