Sunday, January 23, 2011

Doing it Right... My Baby Girl Turns 1

In the spirit of renewed sense of self, I wanted to post about a big event in our lives! Our newest addition, baby Stella, turned 1 year on December 4th, 2010! It was hard to believe that time had gone so quickly with our first, Harris, when he turned 1, but the time flew even faster with Stella. Sometimes, it seems as though she is still a wee babe, as she is such a petite little thing, even now. At her 1 year appointment, (she was really 13 months) she weighed a scant 18.75lbs! She still has only 3 teeth (even at her current age of 13 and a half months) and she is not even remotely interested in walking. All of these little things combined make her seem so bitty and babylike, that I have realized I will have to (or rather, want to) wait a little longer to get pregnant with child #3. Harris seemed so much older at 13 months than Stella does, and I am so enjoying her continued babyhood.

On December 2nd, we had a birthday party for her. It was fantastic, and I loved every minute of it! My friend Kat came over the day before to help blow up a ridiculous number of white pearlescent balloons. She must have had some serious beans the night before or something...

Here is the little sweetness herself, donning her new made by me tutu! This tutu, by the way was ridiculously easy to make and involved no sewing besides one line to connect the elastic into a circle! I will defiantly make more, but next time I will go with brighter colors for sure. The gold tulle that I used seemed to mute the whole thing. Ah well, you live and you learn!

I was really quite pleased with the spread of food. We made cheese fondue, spinach dip, fruit salad, Facon wrapped Water Chestnuts (yes, I wrote facon, not bacon- we used MorningStar Farms Veggie Bacon Strips) with Teriyake Sauce to dip, MorningStar Chik'n Nuggets, and Turkey Meatballs. As for the beverages, I purchased some Starbuck's Frappucino drinks and emptied the contents into a pitcher. The Frappucino itself was served to the adults, while the freshly washed bottles were refilled with chocolate milks for the kids. I thought it was ingenious. No one drank them lol. Aah well, I enjoyed them for the next few days, and they looked darn tootin' cute I tell ya! I saved the bottles for future parties. Maybe when the kids are older...

In a past life, these were bottles of Starbuck's Frappucino

In addition, I also served Mimosas. I served spiked punch at Harris' 1st Birthday party as well, and while I got some strange looks initially, I promise, that punch bowl was BONE DRY by the time the party was over, and the mimosas did not fail to elicit the same effect. So, if you ever think to yourself "should I serve alcohol at my child's birthday party?" I say, if there are going to be adults, the answer is yes- the moms and dads will thank you- maybe secretly, but thank you nonetheless!

The cake was made by me from a crumb cake mix that I got at Trader Joes. I used 2 boxes for a 2 layer cake, and let me tell you, it was the best birthday cake I have EVER had! I made the icing from scratch, and it turned out really well. The cake was simple, and decorated with a mini banner that I made from construction paper.

Mini banner on top of the cake... probably my favorite detail!

Here we are, gearing up for the birthday song and a cake mess.

 Amazingly enough, the little lady didn't want the cake. AT ALL. She didn't even try the icing! Oh well, I don't need to tell you that that fact meant more cake for me... yes siree! 

 I must also mention, that this year, Stella's birthday fell on the 2nd night of Hanukkah, and following the party, we made sure to light our menorah. Happy Birthday Little Stella!!


  1. oh god you did post the video! meh :) it was fun helping set-up. stella is such a cutie-pa-tootie!

  2. What did you use for the icing? It looks amazing! The banner is a super cute detail, all the kids are getting so big!

  3. Thanks 'ninefirefly'! The icing was a combination of 2 simple icing recipes. I can't remember the exact recipes, but 1 was a simple buttercream icing that I found on, and the other was a cream cheese icing. The 2 recipes were almost identicle except for the cream cheese, in which I added half the amount it called for, since I like the cream cheese flavor, but did not want a classic cream cheese icing. It turned out a lot looser than I was expecting, but it still tasted fantastic!


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