Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Word to your Mama(s)

Isn't it the way... Being a second child, and noticing that there are significantly less pictures, fewer movies, and fewer entries in my baby book from my childhood. I always swore that I would give my second child as many of those special little tidbits for their memory boxes as I gave my first.

Fast forward 15 years. Did it happen? Nope. Is my second child going to hate me forever because I didn't live up to my promise? Mmmmm doubtful. Of course, I would have said, flat out, NO, she won't be upset, but she is turning into a bitty drama queen, so only time will tell...

So, here is an update about our little lady Stella! She was slow to crawl, and didn't figure out the motion until she was about 9.5 months. I was fine with it, but she was soooo frustrated! Luckily, *poof* one day she was crawling. She is slowly getting faster, but I am in no hurry to have an extremely mobile baby. It seems as though she was busy working on other things though. She wants to talk! She actually has 5 distinct words now!
Mama or Mum mum if she is crying= Mommy (Mindi)
Na Na or Nya Nya= Ima (Me)
Ma= more
HaHa = Harris
I Da= ice cream

I love the fact that ice cream was in her first 3. She is a smart girl- she knows what she wants! 


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