Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are We Really Having This Conversation???

So, Mindi and I just wrapped up, or are in the process of wrapping up THE CONVERSATION. Which conversation would this be? Well, the one we thought we wouldn't have. You know, the one about baby 3.0...

Did we really just have that conversation? Why yes, yes we did...


  1. Baby 3.0 sounds like an awesome plan!!

  2. Not sure how the conversation went, but I find this really exciting! I've always wanted a big family but when Christine and I first talked about kids she said one. We compromised with a plan for two and then seeing how it goes. I think even the possibility/discussion of more exciting.

  3. I would have like 4 kids myself ,but that's out of the question now. The more the merrier i say.

    I actually missed that you didn't blog on the Jewish new year and all the steps involved days in the celebration.

  4. I assume since you posted about it, the conversation is leaning towards the possibility of #3? I'm dying to know your timeframe!!

  5. ya gotta give us more than THAT!!!
    exciting stuff and can't wait to hear more!

  6. how exciting! cant wait to see how it plays out


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