Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are We Really Having This Conversation???

So, Mindi and I just wrapped up, or are in the process of wrapping up THE CONVERSATION. Which conversation would this be? Well, the one we thought we wouldn't have. You know, the one about baby 3.0...

Did we really just have that conversation? Why yes, yes we did...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Typically, I am a decorating fiend. I really enjoy the whole "making a house a home" concept. I love to warm up the walls with art that inspires me and makes me think, warm linens, candles, colorful curtains, you know, feel good stuff. I love feeling at home in a room. All of the places that I have lived have gotten this special treatment. My old bedroom growing up, apartments 1, 2, 3, and 4, and, of course, house number 1. But house number 2 is different. Sooooo different. We have lived here for almost one full year as of Oct 17th, and there is not 1 piece of artwork on the walls, outside of the bathroom renovation. The curtains in our bedroom were thrown up without much thought because we were unable to stomach the draperies that were there. My office, the huge room fully equipped with cabinets and counters and permanent power strips galore, perfect for a crafter, remains a jumbled catch all for crap that has no home. Our garage looks like someone puked a storage cubicle all over it. The living room is a sorry mishmash of ugly carpeting, bare windows, and a sad attempt at a fireplace vignette involving bland looking driftwood, an old metal laundry basket, and twinkle lights. Sigh. I just couldn't get over the hump. Then I realized what had happened. All it took was a brief conversation with a good friend that spurred the word from my lips PARALYSIS. I went on to vocalize what I couldn't figure out before. I was so bent on making things perfect the first time, that I was physically unable to take a single step. So why was it so different this time? Well, first of all, it is the house. You know, I mean THE HOUSE. As in, this house is meant to be the 30 year house, if you will. All of the apartments in the past, along with house #1 were, in my mind, temporary. It didn't matter if I flubbed the art arrangement, or botched a paint job. It would all be coming down in 1-3 years anyways. Worst case scenario, I patch a couple holes and move out. But this house, being THE HOUSE is different. I would be forced to recall every blooper I made. That, coupled with the fact that I occasionally find it difficult to feel ownership of this house to begin with because of a major snafu that occurred during the purchase of it... I digress.

So, why am I going on and on about it? Well, I feel that I have had a breakthrough! I realize that I just have to DO SOMETHING to get the ball rolling. Anything would be better than nothing, and hey, if I use stuff that I have, even if it isn't perfect, I can always change it later to make it the perfect room, and in the meantime, it will feel homey and inviting! So, where did I start?? Weeeeell...

First off, I searched my favorites for some free printable art. I printed a bunch and simply carried them around to different rooms. Some worked, some didn't, but it was a start, and damn did it feel good! Then, I rearranged our media room a bit. I spend a lot of time in that room in the evenings, and oftentimes have my laptop on. I was tired of having all my shit laying all over the couch- you know, computer, mouse, headphones, cords, etc, and it was a pain for Mindi also, if she wanted to sit down to watch the tv. I moved a few pieces out, moved a few other pieces in, and viola! I now have a little desk of my own in the media room! Then I decided to raid my fabric stash and found some cute curtains that I had hanging at the old house. I had never pictured the pattern in my living room, but I decided to put them up anyways, and let me tell you, it it waaaaaay better than the nothing that was there before! At least they soften the edges of the big window, and are allowing me to think outside of my rut for the rest of the room. Yeeehaaaw!

I would have taken pictures of all of these little changes, but go figure, I can't find my camera. I will leave you, however, with a sweet picture of Stella during yesterday's Seattle Tilth Harvest Festival. Here she is wearing a dainty little herb crown, and what an angel she was! 


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