Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer's End

So, summer is almost over. Now, I use the term summer very lightly, because Seattle had about 2 weeks worth of real Summer-like weather, but whatevs... We certainly have been busy little bees. After getting home from our cruise in June, we paid our first visit with the kids to the Chuck E Cheese for the birthday party of one of Harris' friends. It was quite an experience for Harris it seemed, as he screamed bloody murder when the animitronic animals blinked and moved for the first time. Man, he was not expecting that- I was surprised that there was no turd in his pants after that episode...

After that, we experienced our first Sno Cone

Our first big- girl hat

Our first home-made mini popsicle

Fun at the wading pool with Friends

 More Popsicles

Our first veggie garden

More homemade Popsicles
(yogurt and mini popsicle sticks in a silicon ice cube tray are the most perfect 15 calorie treats ever!)

Pretty Broccoli Leaves

OMG- A $9.00 gallon of milk! What a deal!

Bath time fun in the new bathroom

Choo choo train rides

First rides in a car-cart, with big brother showing her how it's done

More homemade Popsicles

First Pie- eating contest



  1. you didn't tell me about the pie eating contest! lady, you've been holdin' out! :) gotta share next time, k? hopefully soon.

  2. love the pictures! the kids really look like each other now!

  3. Hi, hi, hi! We need to get our gals together! Stella is BEAUTIFUL, btw. We still have to plan Italian at our place :-)


  4. You are hilarious! Love the pie-eating contest pics!! :-) And great idea about the mini popsicles - we really should give that a try!

  5. love all the photos. thanks for sharing. lmbo. the pie eating contest was hilarious. i wouldn't have had the balls to do it.


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