Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you Love your Vacuum?

I want to hear about it! We are ready to spend more than $70 on a vacuum. We have actually really liked the last 2 vacuums that we have owned, besides the fact that they both only lasted about 2 years... The first on was the Eureka Optima 431BX . She was a dandy little vacuum. Cute, witty, nice curves, but after a short amount of time she sucked at, well, sucking, until one day she said "screw this, I am done", and just stopped working like the ho that she was. We were saddened by the sudden breakup, and decided to dish out a little more dough for her higher class sister model- the red diva Optima 437AZ! We figured that she would be a better sucker, what, with her snazzy Power paw with Risor Visor attachment (aka. useless stair attachment- besides, what the hell kind of name is a Power Paw anyway?). She did her sassy vacuum thang for about 2 years (or less) as well, until finally, she too, decided to suddenly call it quits. Now, like I said, I really did like many many things about these 2 vacuums- they had powerful 12AMP motors, and were very lightweight- perfect if you have to carry it up stairs. I also really liked the fact that they were bagless, and the second one had a HEPA filter. Despite all of this, I realized that it would be silly of me to buy basically the same vacuum for a 3rd time. I also realize that it is time for me to commit to a good quality vacuum that I will have for hopefully, I dunno, 7 years or more!

Have a Vac you love? Tell me about it! I am open to suggestions, and I do not have any serious requirements. But, FYI, I do have a flight of stairs to consider, and both Mindi and I are only 5'3" tall!


  1. you bunch of shorties :)can't really give you any vacuum tips. i'll ask my friend what he has though. he's a consumer reports/research everything kind of guy.
    also, blogger updated their system so we can mark comments as spam now. pretty awesome. i hope it works.

  2. I have an Oreck that I love. I choked on the price when we bought it a little over 3 years ago but I was tired of buying a new vacuum what seemed like every year! It's not bagless, but I wasn't so much a fan of emptying the canister. They maintenance them every year for free. This year I had to replace a roller for $40, but that's the first repair I've had. I think ours has a 21 year I don't plan on needing a new vacuum for a looong time! Good luck! And let us know what you decide!

  3. Ahh the vacuum search! I feel like I have been on this fruitless journey my entire life! So Im going to plead for help from your readers as well...if anyone knows of a vacuum for pet hair, for the love of god please send the info my way!!

    Ok, not on to you my dear! My only advice is to get a Dyson, I have met only 1 person in my vacuum search who has not loved her Dyson. Sadly, they are way out of my price range :(

    I do have a little shark that we got when we moved. Our old one died (vacuum death number 1 million and 6!) and we needed one that was good for floor and rug. I really like it, all things considered. It sucks everything up pretty well and is good for getting under things (plus it is purple!!). Its not amazing, but good for it's price (which I don't really know - we had a coupon and it was on sale - but it was probably around $60 without all of that). My only real complaint about it is that it is a b**ch to empty!!

    Ok, thats my 2 cents, good luck!!

  4. We have a Dyson with a base and a pole. We have a dog that sheds a lot, but we don't have the special pet hair one, just the regular Dyson. I think it is really expensive, but it was a house-warming gift from my mother in law. It is lightweight. I'm not the usual vacuumer in the house but I can see the difference after my partner uses it! I think this is the one we have:

  5. hahahahaha....okay, i am only laughing because we spent literally the last 5 months of our life researching vacuums while going vacuumless for all the time (we had a huge clunker upstairs that never moved, and the Eureka you had which did the same clunking out your described). We finally splurged and bought a Dyson Ball DC25. It's a bit big, and if you do not have a ton of carpets in your home, or perhaps just many area rugs, I would suggest the DC24, a lighter version that I imagine is easier to lift upstairs.
    It's very plasticy and weird, but man does it suck!
    PS - we bought it refurbished on and have had zero problems!

  6. We just got a EUREKA POWER PLUS vacuum (12 amp) for only 46 bucks at W.almart. I LOVE It and you would never know it was only 46 bucks!!! We've always used Dirt Devils....anyway, this thing is awesome. And cute (if vacuums can be cute) with white and green!

    Let us know what you guys go with!

  7. I echo CD and SP: get a refurbished Dyson. We just went through this whole "do you love your vacuum thing" too, and everyone told us to get a Dyson. I was unimpressed with the price tag, but with some googling around was able to find a refurbished one that was merely pricey as opposed to laughable. We've had ours a very short time, but it is certainly wonderful, and Everyone says it is a great investment.

  8. Great, so the consensus is to get a Dyson, just what I thought! Damn the life of a poor grad student :(


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