Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer's End

So, summer is almost over. Now, I use the term summer very lightly, because Seattle had about 2 weeks worth of real Summer-like weather, but whatevs... We certainly have been busy little bees. After getting home from our cruise in June, we paid our first visit with the kids to the Chuck E Cheese for the birthday party of one of Harris' friends. It was quite an experience for Harris it seemed, as he screamed bloody murder when the animitronic animals blinked and moved for the first time. Man, he was not expecting that- I was surprised that there was no turd in his pants after that episode...

After that, we experienced our first Sno Cone

Our first big- girl hat

Our first home-made mini popsicle

Fun at the wading pool with Friends

 More Popsicles

Our first veggie garden

More homemade Popsicles
(yogurt and mini popsicle sticks in a silicon ice cube tray are the most perfect 15 calorie treats ever!)

Pretty Broccoli Leaves

OMG- A $9.00 gallon of milk! What a deal!

Bath time fun in the new bathroom

Choo choo train rides

First rides in a car-cart, with big brother showing her how it's done

More homemade Popsicles

First Pie- eating contest


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you Love your Vacuum?

I want to hear about it! We are ready to spend more than $70 on a vacuum. We have actually really liked the last 2 vacuums that we have owned, besides the fact that they both only lasted about 2 years... The first on was the Eureka Optima 431BX . She was a dandy little vacuum. Cute, witty, nice curves, but after a short amount of time she sucked at, well, sucking, until one day she said "screw this, I am done", and just stopped working like the ho that she was. We were saddened by the sudden breakup, and decided to dish out a little more dough for her higher class sister model- the red diva Optima 437AZ! We figured that she would be a better sucker, what, with her snazzy Power paw with Risor Visor attachment (aka. useless stair attachment- besides, what the hell kind of name is a Power Paw anyway?). She did her sassy vacuum thang for about 2 years (or less) as well, until finally, she too, decided to suddenly call it quits. Now, like I said, I really did like many many things about these 2 vacuums- they had powerful 12AMP motors, and were very lightweight- perfect if you have to carry it up stairs. I also really liked the fact that they were bagless, and the second one had a HEPA filter. Despite all of this, I realized that it would be silly of me to buy basically the same vacuum for a 3rd time. I also realize that it is time for me to commit to a good quality vacuum that I will have for hopefully, I dunno, 7 years or more!

Have a Vac you love? Tell me about it! I am open to suggestions, and I do not have any serious requirements. But, FYI, I do have a flight of stairs to consider, and both Mindi and I are only 5'3" tall!


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