Saturday, June 26, 2010

What a Month! Part 1

Wow, folks, it really has been quite a month for us! Let me just give you a quick rundown, and then, if I find I have the energy, I will expound a bit!

I will start a bit further back- into late May, well, just because I can!

5/26/10 I attend an "Edible Landscape" class, held through Seattle Tilth with my veeeeeeery good friend, Kat. I have to say, if any of you live even remotely close to Seattle and have an interest in anything garden, vegetable, plant, worm, chicken, or compost related, check out that website. It is the bomb. There are so many cool classes, and they are inexpensive, and laid back, and fun- not to mention, informative! Now, I have to admit, that going to this class (and an earlier one in April about composting) is a stretch for me. I am a homebody, and although I am very outgoing and people oriented, getting me there to MEET the people is a bit of a challenge. I am proud of myslef for pushing the limits of my comfort zone!

6/2/10 Stella has her final appointment for her Helmet. I opted to leave the helmet at the facility so that they could use it as an example for other parents. Before Stella started her treatment, I was able to see and feel another helmet as an example, but it was for a much older baby, and was, therefore, huge. I felt that seeing a smaller helmet would help me grasp it better as a parent, beginning therapy. What else was I going to do with it? I was not about to take up valuable memory box space with it, and I didn't want to send it to the dump. I was very excited when I asked them if they would be able to use it, and they said yes! Stella's head is adorable, and She has totally blossomed since we took it off. To date, she has had a little over 3 weeks of helmet-free-ness, and has since decided that if she is not sitting up on her own, she is not happy. But truthfully, her physical abilities have caught up with her mental desires, and she is doing great!

6/3/10 Mindi gets a frantic phone call from her mother. Mindi's 27 year old sister is gravely ill, and in the hospital. She nabs a flight to CA (where her sister is living) late in the afternoon (via an impromptu ride from Kat). It is a Thursday. We are scheduled to leave on a week-long Alaskan cruise on Saturday. We have not yet packed. In a heartbeat, I become a single mom with an infant and toddler, unsure of when the wifey will return, and faced with the responsibility of packing for a family of 4, all on my own, all while watching,changing, codling, loving my little ones. At this point, we are even unsure as whether we will be able to get on that boat.

6/4/10 Friday morning, my savior/friend Diana comes over to keep me sane help me focus make me laugh watch the kids, while I run around in chicken-esqe style, trying to pack. Let's not forget the fact that I have to pick up the dry cleaning and take Harris to his FIRST DENTIST APPOINTMENT. The dentist appointment was something I was not looking forward to. Harris is very much against things that make loud (loud to him of course) noises, and anything that someone unfamiliar is trying to stick in his mouth. nevertheless, Diana saved the day, and watched Stella while I took Harris. He did well, despite the fact that he wouldn't let the hygienist near him, and screamed and squirmed all the way through the dentist's exam. he loved the dentist after the fact though, and that toothpaste? That "just the right sized tube for me" with SPARKLES toothpaste? Well, Harris treated that like it was the best thing since sliced bread, and, apparently, his (child dentist, by the way) is now a celebrity in Harris' eyes. Awesome.
           After the stressful day of waiting , not knowing, and packing, my lovely wife flies in on a plane at 9:30pm.

6/5/10 Our lovely friend, Diana (who, I was getting QUITE sick of seeing- damn, it is like she never left my friggin' house! just kidding dirty Diana, just kidding!) drives us to the dock in the AM. Whew! We are going to get on that boat after all!!! After getting wee lost (but nothing Diana couldn't handle...) we make it to the big beautiful boat! We unload, give huggy thank you huggies, and start on our journey! The room on the boat is beautiful. It is large enough to feel that we were not cramped beyond belief, and we had popped for a verandah, which, to me, makes a WORLD of difference when you are on a cruise ship, especially with little kids!! We are all smiles. (and sweat- but mostly smiles).

To be Continued...


  1. Super super sexy photo of you on the ;)

  2. Whew, what a whirlwind. Very glad you got things done in time to have a nice trip. We are cruising in Dec with our son who will be 19 months at that time. Very curious to hear how things went for you...

    And that picture of Stella is beyond adorable!

  3. Wow! I can't wait to hear more about the cruise!!! So glad you guys were able to make it on there!!! Wonderful to hear that Stella is doing so well too, and that (after all the screaming) the dentist appt went over well!


  4. i see you have been in the same busy boat we have! hope things are settling down somewhat, and that mindi's sister is doing better. and as for the comment you left me awhile back... i would never feel better about myself at someone else's expense, but i appreciate what you said <3 and for the record, i think you are lovely :)

  5. You all have been through it! Hope things are peaceful and relaxing for the rest of the summer.



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