Saturday, May 22, 2010

No VOC, No Success- an unfortunate product review

Ever since the babes came along, Mindi and I have gone hardcore in our attempts to green our home and eliminate the chemical nasties that are so often found in our everyday products. I think I may have written before about FreshAire choice paint, but I can't remember. We found this zero VOC paint at the Home Depot, for a modest price of about $35 per gallon. I was super excited to discover it, because it was convenient (Our Home Depot is down the block), and reasonably priced. The color selection is somewhat limited, at about 65 shades to choose from, but on the other hand, I felt that that was almost a blessing, being that I wasn't inundated with a gazillion different color options. Being that we are (still) working on our main bathroom remodel, one of the steps was to prime the new wall board and trim. Without a second thought, I purchased the FreshAir choice primer/sealant for the job. I have been VERY HAPPY with the actal paints. It doesn't smell, I like the shades, and it goes on nicely, with nice coverage. I CANNOT say the same about the primer/sealer. I found the experience of using is quite unappealing. It turned out to be a goopy, gloppy, drippy, gelatinous mess. I was sure to stir it before using it, and I gave it an extra stir job even after I started using it, thinking that I had not stirred it enough. It went on like too-dry elmers glue, then proceeded to drip down my wall like water (how that happened I have no idea), when I went over it again with my brush to try to smooth it, it just smudged around like nail polish that was not quite dry. Speaking of drying, it took forever! After working with it in an area of trim about 5 feet long, and a 5 square foot area of wall, I gave up on it, and vowed to return it to the store. This will be the first purchase ever that I have desired to return to the store after partially using it. Luckily, I had a gallon of regular (full VOC!) primer in my garage that saved my ass, and enabled me to move along with my project. I just hope that my No VOC paint that I put over my full voc primer will help to seal in the nasties a bit.

Final rating: 1 out of 5 stars. The only reason it got even 1 star, is because I have to assume that this product is better at priming the wall than water.


  1. Thanks for the info. We've used the Fresh Aire paint, but never the primer. Good to know...

  2. that totally stinks :( ha that was a pun and i didn't mean to do it. annnyways, hope the rest of the painting goes well.

  3. We had the exact same product with the paint. It was goopy and I had to use 4 coats of yellow just to cover white walls!

    I called Home Depot and spoke to the manager who refunded my credit card the $35.

    I've been using Behr Ultra Premium and it's darn good stuff. Doesn't smell bad at all and I think it's pretty enviro least the can is recycleable.

  4. Thanks for the review. We have a 5 gal bucket of full VOC primer we've been trying to use up before replacing it with the no VOC stuff. I guess when the time comes, we'll try the Lowe's no VOC brand.


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