Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Roundup 7 -Good Enough For Pictures!!

As the title might imply, we are THIS CLOSE ||

to having our main bath completely finished! The only horrifically obvious thing missing (for looks) is the door to the new floor to ceiling built in storage unit! (Let us not think, for a moment, about the fact that we are still trying to finish up installing our new, snazzy tub and shower faucet set that, might I add, I have not done ONLY because the plumber that did the rough-in work installed the incorrect size of faucet nipple (ooh lala!...I digress) for our new faucet spout. I will have to call him back to rectify the situation before I can finish my job.

Up until this point in the project, I have determined, (by counting my receipts because I save them all in case I need them for returns), I have visited Home Depot 18 times (including today) over the course of the last 8 or so weeks, in order to finish this project! And that is also not including the 2 trips I made to Lowes... I have grown to know and like quite a few of the orange aproned folk there. Thanks Home Depot Friends!

I am really proud of the bathroom guys. So proud, that I fed my baby her 7pm bottle, while sitting on the toilet (lid) simply so that I could enjoy the bathroom for a little while before we came downstairs for computer time. There are still a few, misc. things that need to be done, as I mentioned, the door and faucet, along with some caulking and hook- hanging. But, without further ado...



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Roundup 6

Well, here we are at roundup #6! We have been working on this bathroom remodel now for about 8 weeks. OY! This weekend, we managed to put up all the trim, and paint the bathroom. I feel ridiculous typing that, because it seems like nothing to me! I picked up our new toilet today at Lowes, and managed to get it upstairs. I was going to install it, but realized I was out of time, as dinner was almost ready (thanks wifey!) and after that, I had to hit up Jillian Michael's and her 30 Day Shred video. Man, she kicks my ass...

I digress...

I am fully expecting to have a functional bathroom by this next weekend. I have the toilet and sink, ready to be installed, I just need the time to do it. I also attempted to install our new bathtub faucet set, but there was a snafu in the pieces, so that is going to require a call to the helpers at some 1-800 number-- maybe it is 1-800-this-blows... whatever... pfff.

I am holding out and am not going to provide a current picture. The paint proved to be such a drastic improvement, that I would rather save the "after" picture for, well, AFTER! Here is a reminder of what it looked like a few weeks back...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

No VOC, No Success- an unfortunate product review

Ever since the babes came along, Mindi and I have gone hardcore in our attempts to green our home and eliminate the chemical nasties that are so often found in our everyday products. I think I may have written before about FreshAire choice paint, but I can't remember. We found this zero VOC paint at the Home Depot, for a modest price of about $35 per gallon. I was super excited to discover it, because it was convenient (Our Home Depot is down the block), and reasonably priced. The color selection is somewhat limited, at about 65 shades to choose from, but on the other hand, I felt that that was almost a blessing, being that I wasn't inundated with a gazillion different color options. Being that we are (still) working on our main bathroom remodel, one of the steps was to prime the new wall board and trim. Without a second thought, I purchased the FreshAir choice primer/sealant for the job. I have been VERY HAPPY with the actal paints. It doesn't smell, I like the shades, and it goes on nicely, with nice coverage. I CANNOT say the same about the primer/sealer. I found the experience of using is quite unappealing. It turned out to be a goopy, gloppy, drippy, gelatinous mess. I was sure to stir it before using it, and I gave it an extra stir job even after I started using it, thinking that I had not stirred it enough. It went on like too-dry elmers glue, then proceeded to drip down my wall like water (how that happened I have no idea), when I went over it again with my brush to try to smooth it, it just smudged around like nail polish that was not quite dry. Speaking of drying, it took forever! After working with it in an area of trim about 5 feet long, and a 5 square foot area of wall, I gave up on it, and vowed to return it to the store. This will be the first purchase ever that I have desired to return to the store after partially using it. Luckily, I had a gallon of regular (full VOC!) primer in my garage that saved my ass, and enabled me to move along with my project. I just hope that my No VOC paint that I put over my full voc primer will help to seal in the nasties a bit.

Final rating: 1 out of 5 stars. The only reason it got even 1 star, is because I have to assume that this product is better at priming the wall than water.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Who Wants To Bawl Their Eyeballs Out?

Soldiers surprising their loved ones.

Ok, Seriously... I am sure that I am not the only one crying after watching this. Even if you NEVER comment, if this made you choke up, at least comment with something to the affect of "yes, I choked up/teared up/sobbed uncontrollably too!" I think that I have watched this 20 times since posting it and have cried vigorously every time. The first 2 kids really got me I tell you, and it was all downhill from there!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Forward

This was an email that was forwarded to me by my father, and I laughed out loud enough times while I was reading it, that I felt it deserved a post on my blog. Enjoy!




Six married men
will be dropped on an island
with one car
and 3 kids each
for six weeks.

Each kid will play two sports
and take either music or dance classes.

There is no fast food.

Each man must
take care of his 3 kids;
keep his assigned house clean,
correct all homework,
complete science projects,
do laundry,
and pay a list of 'pretend' bills
with not enough money.

In addition,
each man
will have to budget enough money
for groceries each week.

Each man
must remember the birthdays
of all their friends and relatives,
and send cards out on time--no emailing.

Each man must also take each child
to a doctor's appointment,
a dentist appointment
and a haircut appointment.

He must make one unscheduled and
inconvenient visit per child to the Emergency Room.

He must also make cookies or cupcakes
for a school function.
Each man will be responsible for
decorating his own assigned house,
planting flowers outside, and keeping it
presentable at all times.

The men will only have access to television
when the kids are asleep and all chores are done.
The men must shave their legs,
wear makeup daily,
adorn themselves with jewelry,
wear uncomfortable yet stylish shoes,
keep fingernails polished,
and eyebrows groomed

During one of the six weeks,
the men will have to endure severe
abdominal cramps, backaches, headaches,
have extreme, unexplained mood swings
but never once complain or slow down
from other duties.

They must attend weekly school meetings
and find time at least once to spend
the afternoon at the park or a similar

They will need to read a book to the kids each night
and in the morning,
feed them,
dress them,
brush their teeth and
comb their hair
by 7:30 am.
A test will be given
at the end of the six weeks,
and each father will be required to know
all of the following information:
each child's
height, weight,
shoe size, clothes size,
doctor's name,
the child's weight at birth,
length, time of birth,
and length of labor,
each child's favorite color,
middle name,
favorite snack,
favorite song,
favorite drink,
favorite toy,
biggest fear,
and what they want to be when they grow up.
The kids vote them off the island based on performance.

The last man wins only if...
he still
has enough energy
to be intimate with his spouse
at a moment's notice.
If the last man does win,
he can play the game over and over and over
again for the next 18-25 years,
eventually earning the right
to be called Mother!

After you get done laughing,
send this to as many females as
you think will get a kick out of it and
as many men as you think can handle it.
Just don't send it back to me....
I'm going to bed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I really hope that every mother out there, whether you be a birth mom, and adoptive mom, a parent figure, or a mom to be, had a lovely mother's day! I have not been a mother for very long, but this mother's day was by far the best. Thanks to the power of the Internet, I have been able to connect with some incredible people. Some of these people, I have been fortunate enough to have met in person, or at least spoken to them on the phone. This Mother's day, Mindi and I hosted a dinner party at our house with 2 other mommy couples and their babies. The 3 babies (all girls), were born December 2nd, 4th, and 7th. It was so interesting to see the similarities and differences in the 3! It was amazing to have 6 mommies and 4 children in the house!

Stella and baby L
Baby L, Baby Arden, Big brother Harris, and Baby Stella

The Fiesta of food! We enjoyed chips with salsa and guacamole, virgin mango blended deliciousness, tofu fajitas, ranchero beans, salmon tacos, and veggie meat tacos. All of the yumminess was followed up by some very delectable fried ice cream! After dinner, we did hand stamps of the babies to put in some wooden picture frames that I purchased for the moms. The project was a big hit, and the babies did great!
I decided to do a trace and cutout of Harris' hand to put under Stella's handstamp. I could not be more pleased with the result!

Happy Mother's day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat Up

Do you find the options for organic baby food to be slightly lackluster? Expand your Horizons!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Roundup 6

Ok folks, no pics of the bathroom, simply because it does not look that different, but we did the grout and caulking. Grout haze is a bleep to get off if you let it sit too long, so that hindered our efforts a bit this weekend. The next job in the bathroom is the trim, so that should be fun! Here are some cute pictures of Harris instead!

Kids and bubbles make a great combo, especially when you have a huge back porch, and can simply open the door for them to go outside and give you some free time!

Hey, look! I splurged on myself and got new shoes! I can almost guarantee that Mindi does NOT like them, but like the good, dutiful wife that she is, she has said nothing but nice things about them...
And last, but not least, I finally got Harris to model his new cargo lounge pants for me! They look super comfy... maybe I should make a pair for myself... maybe Stella and Mindi need pairs too... 

RECALL NOTICE -more information

I was cruising through the FAQs, looking to see if they had any info on whether or not we could get our money back for the recalled products- Here is their answer:

Will you be offering a refund for the product I purchased and has been recalled?


McNeil is offering two options for consumers who have purchased products affected by this recall. You can receive either a refund for the average retail price of the product or a coupon for a free replacement (s) when the product becomes available again. You can do this by selecting one of the three ways to contact us on the right side of our home page. To process your refund or coupon you will need the NDC number and Lot number from the product that has been recalled. The NDC number can be found above the brand name on the label of the bottle. The Lot number can also be found on the label and is usually placed vertically on the label.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


The makers of Children's and Infant's Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl have issued a recall on their products. for info.


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