Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Roundup 4

Still pantsless around here. Today, I put my foot down and said "He must wear Unders!!" It was an all day battle. I won most of the time. I would like to announce that Harris wore underwear for 75% of the day! (With the help of my lovely wife).

On to the bathroom remodel! Today, we successfully put up the paneling in the bathroom.
This photo (I am sorry, I do not have the photo credit!!) was one of my inspiration photos. Horizontal paneling, painted white.
Up the paneling went. We stood back and looked at it, And looked. And thought. "We are going to paint that???" It is far too pretty to paint! Our new plan is to stain it a color that is a tad more golden honey, and polyurethane it to match the light fixture a little better. Worst case scenario, we don't like it, and end up painting it white.
The following pictures are of a product called Ditra. Ditra is basically a waterproofing membrane. If you have a bathroom floor made of OSB or fiberboard, and you plan on tiling it, you really need a membrane between your tiles and your floor. There are 2 reasons- 1. it will help to prevent moisture from seeping into your sawdust and glue wood boards, and 2. it will help give you a level surface for your tiles, helping to prevent tiles form cracking. It is pricey (about $84 per rool- enough to do my 7' by 6' bathroom plus a little left over), but it is very easy to work with, and the prevention is worth it. You just spread some mortar, press it down, and then lay your tile over the top of it.
After laying the Ditra, I began laying the tile. Since the room is next door to Harris' bedroom, and I was doing it while he napped, I decided to focus soley on the full tiles, as opposed to cutting the tiles with the wet saw for the edges etc.  I am really proud of the glass tile detailing at the bottom edge of the tub.
I love the picture of Harris trying to duck into the bathroom. I didn't even realize that he was in the shot when I snapped it. I love his expression. And no, he is not wearing pants.


  1. oh harris :) the bathroom is really coming along. i love the tile by the tub.

  2. The bathroom is looking great! And pantless harris...adorable!

  3. holy moisture-barrier, batman! this is fabulous to watch! and those Harris pics, total scrunchy adorable.

  4. You sure are handy dandy alright.Must save you lots of money and frustration hiring someone.

  5. wow, its starting to look like a spa in there! We are going to have to do a home spa day when its done :)

  6. you ladies are doing a wonderful job. harris is to adorable!

  7. ...and no he was not wearing pants. haha. i love it!
    the bathroom is coming along nicely. good work!

  8. the top 2 pictures of harris are fantastic!

    i feel like a broken record every time i comment on how incredibly talented you guys are but sheesh, that renovation is super impressive, i'm loving the pictures detailing the progress.

  9. You know, Cedar- I really have no idea, but she sure is a beaut isn't she! Too bad my sinks are from IKEA...


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