Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am not a horrific speller, but typing one handed with a baby in your lap can make for some silly spelling errors. Ever since blogger "updated" it's Posting template, I find myself at a loss for my beloved spellchecker option. Has anyone else from blogger had this problem and/or found the spellchecker????



  1. I switched to Firefox because it spell checks anything you write.

  2. Yeah ditto, I use Safari now with my Mac and his has a (super user friendly) spell checker for everything typed online!

  3. i use google chrome. it just checks it automatically.
    i haven't noticed any difference in the blogger format from when i started a year+ ago. it's the little abc/checkmark at the top next to the add image button. was it different before?

  4. I was going to check the help boards myself- for awhile last year spellchecker was down for about a month...I'm hoping it's just a glitch they are trying to fix right now!

  5. Ahaa!! I figured it out! If you switch to "blogger in draft" (the link is on the bottom of the dashboard) and click the box that says "make this my home view" (or something like that!) then a spellchecker is on the post again. There is also a dictionary and translator, which is super cool. Yay :)


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