Friday, April 30, 2010


Sewing has been taking place. Kat inspired me when she asked for help with her cute curtains (pictures! pictures!) and our little sewing session led to a sewing marathon for me last night, when I finally sat down and (started and) completed a pair of really cute cargo lounge pants for Harris! I took this picture with my cell phone, but I can't wait to post a real pic of the finished product soon!


  1. i'm an inspiration. awesome! :) love the pants. i almost bought an outfit for harris today. we were at target and they had suit outfits for toddlers. they had khaki pants, a navy blazer, light blue button down shirt, and a clip-on tie. he would have looked like the cutest little republican :) and then i saw 5 more outfits i wanted to buy him :) i can't wait for a boy... can you tell?

  2. Very cute! Did you use a pattern, or are these your own design?

  3. Seriously, is there anything you CANT do??

  4. KraftyKay- I did not use a pattern, but I used another pair of well- fitting pants that I already had of harris'. It is super simple, just fold the pants in half and trace! Viola! You have a pants pattern!


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