Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dandy Day

Yesterday and today were simply dandy! Yesterday morning, I took Stella for her helmet fitting! (Thanks again for the info Carey!) It was a decently long appointment, totalling about an hour and 45 minutes. Stella was a trooper! Despite the long appointment, and people fussing with her head, she smiled, cooed and giggled the entire time! It was awesome. I really like the design we picked for the helmet. Of course, it is difficult to see in the pictures but it is called "Tattoo", so it has deep brown and light blue swirls, and what look like snippets of tattoos. I know it sounds odd, but I think it is pretty cute! Oh yeh, enjoy the boobies. I guess I could crop them out, but the fact that I didn't notice them before putting this picture in the blog is a sure sign that I am supposed to leave them. Wipe your mouths people, computer keyboards and copious amounts of saliva don't mix...

After the appointment, Harris and Stella and I all went to The Little Gym for our weekly class. Fun was had by all as usual! After dropping Harris and Stella off with the lovely wifey, I made a quick trip to Home Depot for more grout (yeehaw!) and Costco for the samples some groceries. While I was there, I spotted this sweet little French Lavender tree, and was in love! It was just the thing I needed to liven up my front porch! I would like to eventually repot it and raise it up a tad, but luckily, it is just tall enough that I can see it from the entryway  when going up and down the stairs, and standing in my kitchen. It is totally enhancing my mood I tell ya!

Last Thursday, my friend Kat came over with her little sweetness, Arden, and we decided to have a photo shoot, complete with backdrops and wardrobe changes! Here are just a few of my favorites!!! The matching diapers were the icing on the cake!!

Lounging on a Golden Beach

The Sears Portrait, gone wrong!


  1. our girls are the cutest :) we had a dandy day with you today too. i hope harris wasn't too much of a bear considering he didn't get his nap. see you thursday!

  2. Aww! Wha a lovely photo shoot. I love the little lav tree, too. Wonder if they have them at my costco....

  3. Simply adorable! Love the photo shoot! What cuties.

  4. The photo shoot pics are *too* cute! I love it!

    I also love the plant and may have to see about getting one for myself.

  5. love love love the pictures.

  6. Cute pics! Our girl has the same red hair as Stella's. We have red hair on my side of the family and on her donor's side. We think it might lighten up and turn blonde/strawberry blonde. Do you have red hair in the family?

  7. No red hair in our family or the donor's! It was definately a surprise when she popped out with bright orange hair!

  8. Whoa - what a cool helmet!!! I am so impressed - we did not have any choices like this!! Please let me know if you have any questions I could help with!! Just know, the time passes quickly!!


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