Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Roundup 2

I am very pleased with what we accomplished this weeken in regards to the bathroom remodel! We managed to finish putting up the cement board, taped the seems, and mudded (mudded?) them. The little shampoo cubbies were tricky little buggers. 5 little peices needed to be measured and cut for those suckers, and the smaller the peice of cement board needed, the harder it is to cut. Alas, that annoying part of the job is complete, and now the walls actually look like walls! Mindi did a great job mudding the seems. If you are planning on doing a cement board redo project around your shower surround, you have to make sure that there are NO HOLES. Every seem needs to be completely filled, or you may get moisture inside your walls down the line. When taping cement board seems, you want to make sure that you use mesh seam tape that is meant for cement board. Other tapes, such as mesh drywall tape, is not meant ot withstand moisture and the thinset that you will need to use for mudding the seams. It will basically dissintegrate. After you have taped the seems, use thinset (the same stuff you use under tiles) to mud the seems. This will hold up to the rigors of a shower. The mud job doesn't have to be aesthetically perfect, but make sure that there are no globs or peaks of mud, because when the thinset dries, it will make even tile laying difficult!

After mudding the seams, I installed a new light fixture in the bathroom. The light we chose was a hanging light. The fixture in the bathroom was a wall mounted light, so I had to install a new box in the ceiling to hang our new fixture from. It took me a while to do, but all in all, the process was a snap. My favorite part about the project was being able to use my new headlamp while I was in the attic and in the bathroom while installing the light! The mask is a nessesity when working in an attic filled with insulation, by the way! It also makes you look incredibly sexy- check out my "come hither" eyes!

My sister in law is coming to town on Tuesday, and hopefully she will be able to help us wark a little more on the bathroom! I cannot wait to be able to use it again!


  1. yah remodeling! can't wait to see what it all looks like since i've seen the pieces. say hi to the fam for me.

  2. What great progress! Can't wait to see the tiling.

  3. holy crap! great job!!! looks like you guys have gotten A LOT accomplished! woo!!!!

  4. i can't wait until dw and i buy a house because we love doing projects like this as well. you ladies are doing a wonderful job! anxious to see the tile work.

  5. hey ladies! i tagged you. 10 things


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