Friday, March 19, 2010

Gearing Up

We are excitedly gearing up for the weekend. We so desperately want to work on the bathroom. As you saw from a previous post, our bathroom currently looks like this:

whoops, I meant this:


Yes, that toilet was frickin' heavy as sin, and my son has no pants on.... But is that no pants thing really a surprise? Anyways, that toilet and I had a true smackdown. Mindi had to dremel off on of the nuts holding the toilet to the ground, then it decided to spew it's juices all over my floor when I tried to remove the tank from the bowl. After trying to move the damn thing with some straps with Mindi's help, followed by a few cuss words, I got really pissed with the thing, and using my brute strength, coupled with frustration, up it went, onto my shoulder, and down the front steps! Man, I felt like I had some serious gazungas (pardon me for mutalating the spelling of that word folks...if I did, that is...) that day! I hate to throw it in the trash, but I am certainly not going to make it into a planter...

Anyways... we have been making trips to eFaucets for our NEW Tub Fixture and IKEA for this, this, this, and this over this last 2 weeks, and we are ready to begin the bathroom rebuild! Just today, I went to Home Depot to pick up the cement board for the shower/tub surround, a few more tiles for comparison, and some other misc. stuff in preparation for tomorrow. It is supposed to be almost 70 degrees in the Seattle Area tomorrow, and I want to take the opportunity to pressure wash the swingset... I set my hopes high, I tell you..

Over the last week, I have had plenty of professionals through my doors. Last Tuesday, I had 2 electricians (Hans and Guy - love it!) installing 3 ceiling fans, and fixing the dryer outlet, then this Tuesday, I had the plumber stop by to install the valve for the new tub fixtures! I am totally a DIY girl, but 2 things that I will hire out for will always be new wiring jobs, and in-the-wall-plumbling. I definately do not trust myself with a torch and copper pipes behind my walls...  

Tomorrow, my goal is to add extra support around the plumbing fixtures, frame out the new shower cubbies, and put up the cement board around the tub! We will see how far I get!

ooh! look! A cute baby!!


  1. Is Stella's hair as red in real life as it appears in the pictures? It is adorable!

  2. Love your home improvement posts! Stella is adorable!

  3. wow lady! i don't think i could carry a toilet out like that :) love the stella photo too. i miss that little redhead


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