Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This One's for YOU CRYSTAL

I have no idea why, but the second I saw this video, I thought of my good friend, Crystal. Folks, even if you don't have the full 5minutes to watch the whole thing, do yourself a favor, and watch at LEAST the first 15 seconds so that you can get a true feeling as to why you NEED to watch the whole thing!


  1. This rocks! Was it actually the video to this song? Ridiculous!! Although I think we could go crazy making a few of these on our own...Im sure there are some 80s videos out there just waiting for us to butcher!! (or we could just join the "glee club of the damned"!!)

  2. seen this video before. it cracks me up. it really does look like those are the words she's singing :)

  3. that was beyond awesome. i guess i've never seen the actual video for that song--that was totally ridiculous!!

  4. I started with the first 15 seconds and stayed for the whole 5 min. How could I not? Freaking hilarious.

  5. This was so flippin funny!!! I cracked up. Thanks for sharing.


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