Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pants! We Have Pants!

Harris has been keeping up his end of the bargain with the whole potty training thing. (To my surprise) he has been running around the house pantsless for the last 6 weeks straight (with the exception of the days that I urged he wear his split crotch pants that I made him). Now, I am numb to the sight of bitty boy jumblies at this point in my life, but I was beginning to feel as if I should attempt to introduce the concept of pulling up and down pants to use the potty, and to put it into action. My first attempt was to try to convince him to wear his big boy unders. I think that he is facinated with them, but he also feels as if they are too complex. not like he actually sais that to me, but it is just the vibe I got from his wimpering and resistance. I think he also found it hard to pull them down/up over his little bubble butt. I decided to offer him some comfy sweat pants instead. We made a new contract. We upped the ante with M&Ms. It worked. You hear that people?! IT WORKED! Now, when he wakes up (in a wet bed... e.v.e.r.y m.o.r.n.i.n.g....) we take off his diaper, stick him in some comfy sweats, and he goes on the potty after pulling his own pants down!! Now, for all of you "not yet parents" or "kids are nice but not for me" folks out there, it seems odd that an adult would get so excited about a kid that can pull his own pants down and up, but really, it is totally something to get excited about. Now, we need to introduce him to the concept od "the public toilet". I am not looking forward to that as it is a whole new can of worms...

Do any of you been there done that parents have any tips for introducin the public toilet? Harris has only ever used his baby Bjorn Potty Chair at home, and nothing else. Any product recommendations or techniques?
And, of course, a pic of the "sprinkle" teehee.


  1. ok, the pants thing is very exciting. but that sprinkle face? FABulous!

  2. looks like you got yourself a little red head there! we've got one too and she's got the textbook temper ; ).

    anyway, about the public potty, our daughter had issues because of the loud flush. so we were most effective when we started with public potties that didn't have multiple stalls so that we could "control" the timing of the flush. we bought a portable potty and kept it in the car which made things a whole lot easier, especially having a babe in tow! good luck...

  3. Our son started toilet training at daycare, and she did not have any potty seats, so she taught him to sit backwards on the toilet. You have to make sure that he's all the way back (toward the front of the seat) so that his legs aren't open too wide because then he feels like he will fall in. This is how our son uses the public toilets. Grant it, he will sometimes REFUSE to go on it, and other times he's good about it. Just depends. If you carry m&m's in your purse, it might help.

  4. There is a smaller baby bjorn that we would take with us. It fit into our diaper bag perfectly. Eventually, we progressed to a fold up potty seat and now just a regular old potty. Granted, daycare help too but mostly because our daughter saw other kids going on their own.

  5. I don't have any kids, but I have a friend... she essentially skipped the public toilet issue while potty training by purchasing an inflatable potty chair and keeping it in her van.

    She swore by it and has used it through potty training her first three children and is planning to use it with her fourth.

    For what it's worth...

  6. I'm not quite sure how those split crouch pants work,but they look intriguing.

    No assvice on the public potty use. It makes me queasy to see people taking their little kids in there to use it. I can just picture the kid having to hold on to the seat where 2 million behinds have sat,some unclean, to stop from falling it.Blech!

    I, myself am a hoverer and a germaphobe. The only toilet seat i sit on is the one at my house. I know it's God help me when i have kids of my own and have to figure it all out.

  7. Kohler makes a toilet seat that you can use for both children and adults. It is actually two seats built into one. He could slowly get use to using a bigger toilet.
    Look at at item...4732. Yeah, I know more about toilet seats than I would like to.


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