Saturday, January 2, 2010

In the Mood

So, we are getting close to being sort-of done with Harris' bedroom. I say sort-of done, because I am not counting the "craftier" projects that I would like to do for his room. When I say crafty, I mean a teepee and some neato cushions... The only "construction" type of thing that we have left to do is the insides of his closet. Thank you, oh thank you IKEA, for making me drive 45 minutes to your store, load up my obnoxiously difficult to drive flat cart, only to discover that you did not have in stock the side supports to my shelf system... mmmm.... you suck IKEA- yet I will forever patronize you...

I will post pictures soon- I promise! So far, harris could not be happier with his "Big Boy Bed"! He used to just have a mattress on the floor, but no more! He is thrilled to sit in his room with his new bed, and some books, and, of course, dolly. Appasrently, this morning, when Mindi greeted him after his waking, he told her "I like Big Boy Bed" and "I like rug- Ima did it!" (I am Ima, pronounced ee-ma). It made me awefully proud.'

Next up is the bathroom. I am currently in the process of making a mood board for it, and I will try to post pics of that soon too!!!


  1. Yikes about IKEA being out of stock after all of that. When did you go? We were there yesterday. Best of luck on the finishing touches and I look forward to seeing the work in progress.

  2. I feel the same way about Ikea. A few weeks after the frustration of tiny parts and difficult directions, I'm ready to go back for more cheap furniture. No pressure, but I'm dying to see pictures of the bed!


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