Friday, January 29, 2010

Coming Together

You know what I think is so great about blogland? The anonymity of it. You can share as much about your world as you want to, but unless you actually come face to face with someone that reads your blog, you can remain, to some extent, anonymous.

That is all fine and dandy, and all, but you know what? I say, go out and meet someone! I HIGHLY enjoyed my meeting with Kat and her sweet baby Arden from Adventures in Making a Baby. She was looking for another outlet, and I was happy to meet another lesbian mom in Seattle. Better yet, our babies were both due on the same day, and were born 2 days apart, Arden on December 2nd, and Stella on December 4th. I see playdates in our future... if that's ok with you Kat... :)
Little Arden is beautiful, by the way- these pictures do not do her justice :)

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  1. there will definitely be further play dates! also, i forgot to mention anna would love to meet you all. say hi to fam for me :)


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