Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Baby Hammock

In the spirit of being crafty, coupled with "in the spirit of reclaiming our bed from our 7 week old without making her feel displaced", I did some research on sewing safe baby hammock for little Stella to sleep in. We are currently cosleeping, and while Stella and I love the morning snuggles, I miss the evening, middle of the night, and morning snuggles with My Lady. I also knew that whatever method we used to get her into her own sleeping space would have to be highly enjoyable to her- as highy enjoyable as mama's arms... A baby hammock seemed like the right choice. It was extremely inexpensive to make, and I only encountered a few snags along the way, one being that every time I hung it up to pin or measure, Harris wanted IN...

I managed to finish it today. I just have to install the big ol' hook in the ceiling and we will be on our way. If you are interested in making your own hammock, here are the links to the references that I used for this project!

Karyn For You was the main link that I used for the instruction aspect of the project.
The HC Forums brought me to another example of a hammock inspired by Karyn's hammock.
Sarah at Boulevard Designs showed off her version of Karyn's Hammock as well.

I will try to get some more pictures of the hammock in action. Tonight, as I did my final once-over, I strung it from one of our beams in our living room. Harris wanted in as always, and so he had a good 20 minute swing. Then, the baby was added like the cherry on top and the camera went click click click...


  1. cute! What a good for a Crystal hammock :)

  2. You always come up with such great ideas. The whole hammock idea should give her a soothing feel.You can even rock it to give more comfort.

    I went to the links you gave. I can't believe how many commenters are so quick to go to the negative.Like you wouldn't test it out for safety first.That Sarah was patient at responding to some of the more ridiculous ones.

    I've been passing on some of your ideas and they've been rec'd with much enthusiasm.

    Your border is fab. Stella does resemble Harris for sure.

  3. wow -- what a great idea. I do love having Nina so nearby (i.e. 3 inches from me) but I miss having the bed just for the 2 of us...


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