Saturday, January 30, 2010

Put a Ring On It

We are (well, at least I am, and Mindi is supportive of my desires) in the "no tv" camp. I am not going to say that Harris has never set his eyes on a television, however, he has never watched a "tv show". The only things he has seen on a tv are a few, select educational videos with music in Hebrew. - Side note, we really LOVE these videos (the OY Baby 2 video is better than OY Baby 1 video IMO), and Harris has learned a lot from them. I do not typically have my computer on in his presence either. Yesterday, however, I had my laptop open on the kitchen counter. Harris was restless, and frankly, driving me bonkers. Since he loves his guitar so much, I decided to find a few clips of people playing acoustic guitars on YouTube. It was love at first sight for Harris.

Today, when I went off to the grocery store to pick up some things for our Tu B'Shevat Seder (Check out the concept even if you are not a Jew- it is a neat celebration even if you only take the concept and make it your own with your kids), Mindi did a webcam session for Grammy with Harris and Stella. Naturally, after the video session ended, Harris wanted to "watch guitar". Mommy decided to look in my history to see what guitar clips we had watched, and somewhere, buried in clip after clip of acoustic guitar music, Mommy spotted Beyonce's "Single Ladies" deep in the depths of my YouTube History... With a chuckle, she started the clip, and it was all over from there. Every 5 minutes for the next few hours, the house was alive with the sound of Single Ladies. He is perfecting the moves- it is amazing... No video clips, however, as I am still at a loss for my camera battery charger and can no longer take video....

After the Moms decided that we could no longer handle the swingin' hips of Beyonce and her 2 sidekicks, we looked for some other clips to amuse Harris with. We thought that kid friendly tunes such as "The Wheels on the Bus" and the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" would be winners. We were right, and after we had listened to 7 different versions of "Wheels on the Bus", some snappy, some, well, not so much... we found a new, and exciting outlet to dance and sing to.


And this one deserves a VERY HONORABLE MENTION!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Coming Together

You know what I think is so great about blogland? The anonymity of it. You can share as much about your world as you want to, but unless you actually come face to face with someone that reads your blog, you can remain, to some extent, anonymous.

That is all fine and dandy, and all, but you know what? I say, go out and meet someone! I HIGHLY enjoyed my meeting with Kat and her sweet baby Arden from Adventures in Making a Baby. She was looking for another outlet, and I was happy to meet another lesbian mom in Seattle. Better yet, our babies were both due on the same day, and were born 2 days apart, Arden on December 2nd, and Stella on December 4th. I see playdates in our future... if that's ok with you Kat... :)
Little Arden is beautiful, by the way- these pictures do not do her justice :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Baby Hammock

In the spirit of being crafty, coupled with "in the spirit of reclaiming our bed from our 7 week old without making her feel displaced", I did some research on sewing safe baby hammock for little Stella to sleep in. We are currently cosleeping, and while Stella and I love the morning snuggles, I miss the evening, middle of the night, and morning snuggles with My Lady. I also knew that whatever method we used to get her into her own sleeping space would have to be highly enjoyable to her- as highy enjoyable as mama's arms... A baby hammock seemed like the right choice. It was extremely inexpensive to make, and I only encountered a few snags along the way, one being that every time I hung it up to pin or measure, Harris wanted IN...

I managed to finish it today. I just have to install the big ol' hook in the ceiling and we will be on our way. If you are interested in making your own hammock, here are the links to the references that I used for this project!

Karyn For You was the main link that I used for the instruction aspect of the project.
The HC Forums brought me to another example of a hammock inspired by Karyn's hammock.
Sarah at Boulevard Designs showed off her version of Karyn's Hammock as well.

I will try to get some more pictures of the hammock in action. Tonight, as I did my final once-over, I strung it from one of our beams in our living room. Harris wanted in as always, and so he had a good 20 minute swing. Then, the baby was added like the cherry on top and the camera went click click click...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pants! We Have Pants!

Harris has been keeping up his end of the bargain with the whole potty training thing. (To my surprise) he has been running around the house pantsless for the last 6 weeks straight (with the exception of the days that I urged he wear his split crotch pants that I made him). Now, I am numb to the sight of bitty boy jumblies at this point in my life, but I was beginning to feel as if I should attempt to introduce the concept of pulling up and down pants to use the potty, and to put it into action. My first attempt was to try to convince him to wear his big boy unders. I think that he is facinated with them, but he also feels as if they are too complex. not like he actually sais that to me, but it is just the vibe I got from his wimpering and resistance. I think he also found it hard to pull them down/up over his little bubble butt. I decided to offer him some comfy sweat pants instead. We made a new contract. We upped the ante with M&Ms. It worked. You hear that people?! IT WORKED! Now, when he wakes up (in a wet bed... e.v.e.r.y m.o.r.n.i.n.g....) we take off his diaper, stick him in some comfy sweats, and he goes on the potty after pulling his own pants down!! Now, for all of you "not yet parents" or "kids are nice but not for me" folks out there, it seems odd that an adult would get so excited about a kid that can pull his own pants down and up, but really, it is totally something to get excited about. Now, we need to introduce him to the concept od "the public toilet". I am not looking forward to that as it is a whole new can of worms...

Do any of you been there done that parents have any tips for introducin the public toilet? Harris has only ever used his baby Bjorn Potty Chair at home, and nothing else. Any product recommendations or techniques?
And, of course, a pic of the "sprinkle" teehee.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

At a Loss

Without my camera battery charger
I am at a loss
where oh where can you be sweet electronic

Sunday, January 10, 2010

does a body good

I woke up, kissed my baby, and went to eat my cereal. Thank goodness Mindi couldn't hold back her laughter when she saw what I was about to do... 5 seconds later would have had me dining on Similac... mmmmm.....

Has  anyone else ever done this?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Made My Day

When I was pregnant with Harris, I ran out and purchased maternity underware from Walmart. (I was amazed to discover that no one besides Walmart and Maternity stores sold maternity underware!) In an effort to preserve my own piece of mind, I purchased the undies in bikini style, as opposed to breifs. They were cheap. Like, Big yellow smiley faced-Walmart cheap. They were awesom for a few weeks. After they had been worn and washed a few times, however, their cheapness really showed. The elastic went to hell, and the cotton was all faded and saggy. I didn't want to go buy even more undies, however, at the maternity store, since I knew I would only wear them for a few more weeks. After I gave birth to Harris, and went back to wearing normal underwear, I was faced with the decision- to toss or not to toss... I decided that the panties were small enough that they did not take up too much real estate in the maternity-clothes-to-be-worn-again-if-I-can-get-pregnant-again-box. So, I kept them. When I became pregnant with Stella, I was greatful that I had kept the undies. Did they look pretty? Hell no. Did they fall off my ass every time a so much as leaned over? Absolutley. But I was determined to make it through this pregnancy without buying any new maternity stuff. I figured, as soon as she is born I will burn them (after removing the plastic elastic stuff of course, that would be bad for the environment!).

Mother nature had other things in mind for me, however. I guess that she decided that since both of my labors were quick and easy, She would bless me with extra belly fat (even though I gained less weight with Stella). Alas, I have to admit, I am still wearing my maternity stretchies. I mean, panties.

Ok, so why the hell am I going on and on about my maternity skivvies? Because I felt that I had to explain why they were in my clean laundry basket- the clean laundry basket that Harris raided. The raid that let to the "great Cross-Dress of 2010".

The cross-dress that led to impersonation of a high school wrestler.
This is Harris when I said to him- "show me your muscles Harris!"

And then he ran away... LOOK AT THAT TUSH! HA!
He is totally going to disown me if he ever finds out about this post...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In the Mood

So, we are getting close to being sort-of done with Harris' bedroom. I say sort-of done, because I am not counting the "craftier" projects that I would like to do for his room. When I say crafty, I mean a teepee and some neato cushions... The only "construction" type of thing that we have left to do is the insides of his closet. Thank you, oh thank you IKEA, for making me drive 45 minutes to your store, load up my obnoxiously difficult to drive flat cart, only to discover that you did not have in stock the side supports to my shelf system... mmmm.... you suck IKEA- yet I will forever patronize you...

I will post pictures soon- I promise! So far, harris could not be happier with his "Big Boy Bed"! He used to just have a mattress on the floor, but no more! He is thrilled to sit in his room with his new bed, and some books, and, of course, dolly. Appasrently, this morning, when Mindi greeted him after his waking, he told her "I like Big Boy Bed" and "I like rug- Ima did it!" (I am Ima, pronounced ee-ma). It made me awefully proud.'

Next up is the bathroom. I am currently in the process of making a mood board for it, and I will try to post pics of that soon too!!!


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