Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wishful thinking Malea...

So, we just got home and put little Harris to bed. This afternoon we went to the Little Gym (all three of us) and we got some disbelieving looks from some of our playmates. Our instructer nearly fell over when she saw me walk through the door with Harris and Mindi. Initially, people thought that only Mindi was there with Harris, but then my belly walked in.

3:30pm came and we went to the midwife. She did a membrane sweep (youchy!) and then I skipped right into my acupuncture appointment. I didn't feel a whole lot during the session, but the contractions that I did have were a little more intense than usual. We went out to dinner at The Teapot Restaurant downtown (which was nummy nummy). I had some more contractions there too, as well as all the way home. I am currently sitting on my birth bath, playing with my nipples. Wow- sounds kinky... not really- it is supposed to stimulate contractions people...

So, no no no to my faithful reader Malea (and many many others) the little baby has not yet come out! We are about to start working on 5 days late here in a few hours!

I was really hoping that the membrane sweep, the acupuncture appointment, PLUS THE FULL MOON would help us move along... the night is still relatively young however...

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  1. If you have a breast pump you can try that also. A few minutes on each breast. My best friend went into early labor doing that because her dumb dumb doctor told her it was good for her milk to come in early. Maybe it will work for you guys.


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