Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poke It

I have another midwife appointment tomorrow. When I made the appointment, I honestly did not think that I would be attending it- after all, it was scheduled 4 days past my due date. There was no way I would make it to that day without a baby in my arms... Well, joke's on me I guess. Mindi and I were musing a bit about trying some acupuncture in an effort to get things moving. On our errand run today, I had Mindi on the lookout for acupuncture places. I felt like we were looking for a good drive thru. Mindi thought it might be wise to call our midwife to ask her if she thought it was a good idea.

I did. She did.

But, after finding out that she had just pulled another all-nighter last night, I figured I would wait on the drive thru acupuncture session, and schedule one at their office instead to follow a membrane sweep scheduled at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, the membrane sweep, plus a zesty acupuncture session will be just enough to convince my uterus to get to work.

On a cute side note, Harris came up to me today, looked at my belly, and yelled- "Baby! Come OUT!" It was very sweet.


  1. That is too cute about Harris telling his sibling to come out. I hope your appointment and acu session go well tomorrow! Keep me posted...

  2. Awh, how precious is Harris!?

    Here's hoping the acu helps!! Come on baby!!!!!

    I am keeping you in my thoughts; so excited for you guys!


  3. I assume you know all the eviction strategies....castor oil eventually got our little guy moving. Acupuncture helped, though.

  4. Things are awfully quiet over there> i have a feeling the baby "came out".lol

    Am i right?


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